Kitchen Designs

Ideas for a clean, tidy and refreshing kitchen

Cool tones and airy interiors render a calm ambiance to your Kitchen. This look is very easy and the best choice for everyone. You don’t want your kitchen to look either mechanized or extremely rustic. It should be warm and inviting – a place where th

10 Designs for a compact kitchen

The kitchen is where we prepare our meals. A number of ingredients, utensils, appliances are used and to store them we require adequate space. If you have a large kitchen then it is quite easy to give appropriate space to each item. The problem arises whe

Top 10 different kitchen designs

Kitchen is, of course, the most significant concern especially for those who possess an extreme passion for cookery. A kitchen should mean convenience and requires certain essential features so that cooking becomes fun rather than just a part of the daily

How to design a French country kitchen

Kitchens with a simple and clean façade decorated to beget a charming old world feel have been a trademark of Provence, a place nestled in the south of France. These kitchens are simple and elegant with clean lines. Although fresh and airy, a French coun

10 Must see contemporary design trends for your kitchen

A homemaker spends most of her time in the kitchen and therefore it is essential to have an attractive kitchen space. Modern designs give you enormous leeway when it comes to space utilization. However, there are certain rules that you must follow to get

How to design a modern wood kitchen

When it comes to using wood, nothing can be more earthy, elegant, and adorned with a feeling of home. The woodwork used in the kitchen can be many, including oak, chestnut to walnut. There is a lot one can experiment with while designing a wood kitchen li

How to design a blue and white kitchen

A demure white is a classic pick for your kitchen and a bright blue that pops out against this muted background makes for a charismatic combination. Pairing these two cool tones makes the kitchen look spacious and tranquil. The blue perks up your mood whe

How to make the best kitchen design?

I am a fashion designer by profession and I have recently completed my education in fashion designing. I am now planning for taking part in the competition, which is based on best kitchen design. I would like to know each and everything related to the ref

Can you tell the the making cost of italian kitchen ?

Hi..I am planning to renovate my old kitchen. But this time I want to go with some luxurious one. My friend was saying Italian kitchen comes with some unique designs and exceptional comforts. Also I want to know about the cost and will be thankful if you

Can you provide free kitchen design link to me?

I am a house wife and good mom. From so many days I have been planning to expend my kitchen but I don’t get time from my kinds but now I am planning to do it on priority bases. I want to you to provide me a valid link about those companies which offers fr

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