Ideas for a clean, tidy and refreshing kitchen

Fresh Kitchen Ideas

Cool tones and airy interiors render a calm ambiance to your Kitchen. This look is very easy and the best choice for everyone. You don’t want your kitchen to look either mechanized or extremely rustic. It should be warm and inviting – a place where the entire family can get together and cook. But rustic kitchens do not make the best impression in case a guest decides to pop into your cookery. To settle out for a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same is the way to go for a kitchen.

1. To make your kitchen an example and an inspiration for others, please make sure that the space is designed with simple, straight, and clean lines. These create a balanced and organized feel.

2. Try to color the co-ordinates around as much as possible. Match up the hue of your walls with the furniture, cutlery, cabinets, tablecloths, appliances, etc. Display minimal artwork around the place and keep at least one wall nude. This makes your cook house look more spacious.

3. Always keep your kitchen well organized. Decide upon a place for every object and ensure that it stays there.

4. Take all measurements carefully to make sure that all the equipments and furnishing are sized up correctly and fit into the interiors in a right way. For a clean cut look, use polished woods, metals and glass for the construction inside. Screened glass for doors is a great choice. Affix ample of lighting inside so that interiors are always bright and well-lit.

5. You will have to plan every detail meticulously to make the interiors look systematized. Hire efficient workers such as a contractor, designer, electrician, cabinetmaker, etc and keep in touch with them at all stages of the construction.

Your Kitchen, Your Pride

6. Wooden cabinets with polishes or plastic laminate always look spotless. Install a nice Viking range and wet bar inside. The cooktop, baking oven, dishwasher, trash can, sink, cabinets, and microwave always attract attention. Make sure that they are sleek as any unwieldy design will turn the cookhouse a shipshape look.

7. Pick stainless steel or white colored appliances for a neat façade. Make a clear demarcation between the washing and cooking area. Spacing them out ensures that there is enough of space for more than one person to work comfortably.

8. The sink should be big and deep for days when it might get heaped up with dirty dishes.

9. All cabinets and drawers should be designed to shut close.

10. The countertop should be made of a material that is easy to maintain, for instance granite which is easy to wash and always looks iridescent.

However, shutting everything close might make your kitchen look very industrial. This is against the aim of creating a space that is calm as well as fresh. You should be able to balance both the looks. So, adopt a few tricks to inject a light and airy feel into your eat-in room. Use everyday items that you use in the kitchen for the decor. A big bowl of fruits, vegetables stocked up on shelves, a basket holding garlic pods and onions, or a sack of potatoes which will give it a nice slapdash touch. Display colorful jars and bottles containing jams, pickles, etc. Even supplies like oil, vinegar, rice, flour, cereals, pasta, can be stored in cans and glass jars. Small potted plants look really fresh especially if they are herbs that you can use in your cooking.

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