10 Designs for a compact kitchen

360 Degree Kitchen

The kitchen is where we prepare our meals. A number of ingredients, utensils, appliances are used and to store them we require adequate space. If you have a large kitchen then it is quite easy to give appropriate space to each item. The problem arises when you do not have sufficient space to accommodate all your appliances and utensils. To deal with such a problem here are some amazing compact kitchen units designed for small space.

1. Small modular kitchen

Small Modular KitchenThis modular kitchen is the creation of the German designers Norman Elbet and Kristin Laass. When closed, this kitchen occupies not more than one square meter and also serves as a dining table. It has storage space for an oven, a refrigerate, and other tableware and kitchen tools. This unit has sufficient storage space and is an appropriate choice for those who have less space.

2. Carre


Designed by Ulrich Kohl and Robert Schierjott, this compact creation deals appropriately with storage requirements. It covers about one square meter and has two modules that can convert into a spacious cooking area in six different ways. This kitchen includes a kitchen sink, a counter for cooking, a gas port and enough storage space. You can store enough food and other ingredients required for cooking in less space and it gives a modern and neat look as well.

3. 360 Degree Kitchen

360 Degree Kitchen

This flexible kitchen unit is the creation of Katrin Sillman, Farziska Winter and Ulrike Sandner. It has distinct areas for eating, cooking and cleanup. The special feature of this kitchen is that the storage shelves can be rotated around 360 degrees. This highly compact unit can store appliances, utensils and other stuff neatly, occupying less space.

4. Circle kitchen

Circle kitchen

This is an ideal design for small spaces. Occupying 1.8 square meters it has all the features of a regular kitchen. It can incorporate the microwave, dishwasher, kitchen sink and the dishes. It is a very convenient unit despite the small size.This unit not only stores all the essentials of a kitchen but also gives a very trendy look.

5. Stewart and justin case

Stewart and Justin Case

This mobile unit comes with all the essential requirements of kitchen. Created by Andreas Nather and Maria Lobisch this unit is equipped with sink, shelving system, drying rack and can be used as a dining table as well. This unit can be separated into two parts serving one part as a dining table.

6. Kitchen studio

Kitchen studio

Kitchen Studio comes with all the essential appliances and gives a luxurious look at the same time. It is about 246 cm in length and an appropriate choice if you are lacking space. This unit is equipped with all the kitchen decor requirements. It exemplifies proper utilization of space and provides convenience. you can easily store your cutlery and other utensils along with the appliances.

7. Come together

Come together

This collapsible unit can be used as a serving counter as well. It is designed by Martin Klinke and Albrecht Seeger and comes with the essential requirement for cooking. With sufficient storage space you can keep your utensils and store other items as well. You can keep your appliances and cutlery in less space and still make your kitchen look the best.

8. Kleine Kuche

Kleine Kuche

This is another unit with immense storage space for your utensils such as pots and bowls. You can also store food items. Kleine kuche, designed by Vicky Muller and Christopher Meyer gives a sleek look and consists of all the essential elements. The silicone cover conceals the sink and drainage. it can transform into a table as well.

9. Grandma’s revenge

Grandma's kitchen

Klaus Michel’s concept kitchen is a combined kitchen and dining room. It is a new interpretation of the old kitchen dresser. This kitchen is of 4 square meters and has space to store all the essentials. many appliances like the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator are fitted into the drawers. this classic kitchen stores utensils, cutlery and some of the foodstuff as well.

10. Rubica kitchen unit

Rubica Kitchen Unit

This unit assures to accommodate all the appliances and utensils you required to store. Designed by Lodovico Bernardi it occupies minimum space, and gives an elegant look. this unit can be transformed into a number of forms and can be used as a dining table as well. It conceives little space and provides abundant storage options.

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