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Customize your contemporary kitchen

Kitchen is the most important place in every house. A kitchen that has been well planned will give you contentment, and with all the up-to-date and fashionable features added to it makes it look even more effective. Contemporary kitchen layouts have some characteristics of its own and each kitchen looks distinct from the other. Most essentially, it is the cooking area that needs to be planned and built in accordance with your requirements, blue prints and not to mention your individual choices.

The key point to be observed while doing up a kitchen would be utility of the design and little things like storage spaces, lights, space visibility for better functioning, impression of space, and natural lighting from windows, etc. to make your cooking area efficient. Functionality and artistic elegance helps add style to your cooking area and enhance its effectiveness.

Complexity: Moderate

Time: 2-5 days

Estimated Costs: Varies as per size of the premise

Resources required: designs, catalogues, appliances, and other sources for designing the kitchen


While doing up a contemporary kitchens you need to pay attention to every detail. This would ensure that you create a kitchen which will inspire you to find your own style and make it the main hub of your home.

In modern kitchens, counters are invariably gleaming, with a kitchen island which provides more work place and splits into a wide open space apt to modern spacious kitchen, where the aisles are huge with big windows often devoid of curtains or other covering. Counter tops can be made from stainless steel, granite, marble or laminated designs. A well done contemporary kitchen speaks volumes of the home they are present in.

The kitchen must have the following aspects to make it look like an ideal contemporary kitchen.


The illumination and ventilation for a contemporary kitchen must be perfect and excellent. A nice window or a sheet of glass installed near the sink would give you a view of the outside while cleaning the utensils. This makes use of the natural light thus making your kitchen energy efficient. The windows apart from allowing light in gives good ventilation too.


Cabinets and drawers allow your kitchen to be spacious and operational. These are the most favored practical application in the kitchen and bring in the much needed space while keeping the area clutter free.


Appliances are the main possessions of the kitchen; refrigerators, blenders, food processors, coffee machines, ovens, cookers, etc are evident essentials. The sink is also an important part. There are various designs available in the market to flatter the overall look of the kitchen appliances.


Décor of the kitchen is furthermore important as it is a place where the entire family spends the time together and its style, color and look needs to be subtle and elegant.


The flooring must be resistant enough and is often done with wood in solid colors to give that simple yet elegant look, right for an efficient contemporary kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How should I maintain my Marble or granite counter tops?

Marble and granite with veining have an appealing appearance, but it gets stained the instant anything acidic like citrus or vinegar hits it. So it is good to have it restored, re-polished, and resealed frequently.

2. Should I hide my appliances from the counter top?

Kitchen is the most toiled and utilized place in the house and hence there is no requirement to hide your appliances. Placing it neatly in order would help in keeping the place neat and uncluttered.

Quick Tips:

If you’re planning to make a contemporary and ultra functional modern kitchen, then the thumb rule is to group your appliances together and keep the workspaces that you use the most vacant ,as this allows you to move around without any difficulty and perform your tasks in no time.

Things to watch out for:

While doing up your kitchen install the things you need the most and take time to pick the things you need. Always get a few viewpoints to be twice as sure of the final look.

Contemporary kitchens are attractive and efficient, so go in for a design which makes use of the positive aspects of your kitchen.

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