Ideas for a well organized kitchen

Three Islands In A Kitchen.

Viola! A kitchen so big and very well organized for your every need. All you need to do in a big kitchen is to place your things in the right place. The kitchen you are seeing right now has three islands for performing various functions of a kitchen. A wolf range with two ovens in which, one works using convection, suits your kitchen. The wolf, range with a size of 48 inches, for your benefit. You may also see a refrigerator with glass door and that’s a novel idea and is the Pro. There is another refrigerator of 42 inches by Sub-Zero in your kitchen for some extra storage.

An Island To Reduce Traffic.

The second Island is so cute and enabling for your kitchen. The Island has a water faucet and you may see 3 case study stools from Modernica for children and family to sit in the kitchen and watch T.V and a coffee maker for your guests to help themselves. And the best part of that the traffic lines are not blocked and some personal area is created.

China Cabinet And Free Standing Dresser.

The Pot -board dresser in Oak is from Small-bone’s Pilaster collection for you to organize your kitchen. It’s amazing how this piece of furniture is saving space below to keep those needy items in the morning when you are in a hurry to reach everywhere. A weighing machine and a baking utensil all have its place in your kitchen. Those marble slabs attract any passerby and you see it’s used where there is less traffic. The china cabinet next to the dresser may take you to your farmhouse where you raise cattle and brood chickens. The outstanding feature of this cabinet is the duck-blue color that allows your china cabinet to add a water element to your kitchen. And the glass panes are showing all those pots and gorgeous mugs for anyone coming in your kitchen.

A Plate Rack Made Of Oak.

Pilaster Plate rack is another attraction in your kitchen to arrange those plates and glasses. It serves as an organizing area as well as adds to the beauty of the kitchen. The Rack is made of Oak and is also Small-bone’s collection for your advantage.

Third Island To Store Books.

The third island is near to the pantry for storing and arranging things without blocking the traffic. The third island in your kitchen is mainly for extra storage. The counter top is made of Caesar stone and the color you see is the champagne Limestone and gives your kitchen a formal touch. There is enough space to store your cook books for your immediate purpose. Those flower vases add some energy to your kitchen and liven up your energy a little.

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