Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum: Shiny floors that last a lifetime

OverviewLinoleum floors, that had dropped out of favor with homeowners, is back with a bang today with increasing number of people opting for it. From something that was considered as dirty and troublesome to maintain, this is a real change of heart. Lino

All that you should know about engineered wood floors!

Engineered wood floors are indeed one of the finest ways to lend a regal look to your home. Not only do they provide a sturdy base to your house but they also ensure that the essential duality of versatility and style is maintained and upheld. Irrespectiv

How to clean and repair marble flooring?

Nothing pleases the eye more than a well-made marble floor. Nothing
disappoints it more than the same flooring filled with cracks! Marble
is a tasteful yet expensive choice for flooring. Thus, one would
automatically expect it to last for a very long

Things you must know before buying ceramic tiles!

Ceramic tiles are traditional flooring material that have been used for centuries in private homes, institutional buildings and religious structures. The large range of ceramic tiles of different shapes, thickness and textures might confuse buyers sear

What are some best alternatives for kitchen floors?

I’m confused at the every state of kitchen layout plan, as we aren’t able to decide for our kitchen floor. I’m getting my kitchen reconstructed soon, and since the reconstruction idea has been entirely mine, I am looking for some ideas to design kit

Which kitchen floor tile will be the best: ceramic tile or wood?

I bought a new house, it is well furnished but I am not satisfied with kitchen flooring. I am confused between ceramic tile or wood flooring. My concern is the cost actually the wooden pieces are available for 80 cents and the ceramic tiles of 12×12 are 7

How to match a kitchen floor color?

We have just moved to a new kitchen and everything is fine except the floor. The cabinets are brown stain with the stainless steel knobs and there is a stainless steel countertop with stainless appliances. There is plenty of light in the kitchen as there

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