Kitchen Flooring

Can I cover kitchen floor tiles with vinyl?

I am about to install new kitchen and the floor is covered with the black and white tiles. I think the tiles are ceramic. I am not fond of these kitchen floor tiles so I want to cover them up with vinyl in one piece. But before I do that I want to know is

Can you suggest some kitchen tile ideas?

I have a new kitchen installed with cream gloss items and dark brown worktops. I’m desperately looking for kitchen tiles to lie down on the backsplash area. I’m confused at which color and type would be the best. Can you suggest some kitchen tile idea

Do repainting kitchen tiles really work?

Our new home has a kitchen and its tiles are glazed ceramic which covers the majority of the walls in our kitchen. It is basically honey brown in color, but there’s an unattractive purple border in the tile of the same size & shape. I want to reface it by

Can somebody share about feasible kitchen floor plans?

I get bewildered at the very mention of kitchen layout plan, as we aren’t able to decide for our kitchen floor yet! My husband and I are getting our home reconstructed, and since the reconstruction idea has been entirely mine, he wants me to design kitc

15 Most creative kitchen flooring ideas

Kitchen is where the soul of the family rests. After all, it is the place where you cook and serve the entire family. But more often than not, it is one of the most neglected spaces in the house. Our prime focus always lies in living room and bedroom. But

Kitchen flooring and design trends

The modern homemakers have started paying more attention to kitchen design than ever before. The heart of a home, in the true sense of the word, is the kitchen, and this growing attention is an indicator of this realization. There are several consideratio

Which is best flooring for kitchens?

I bought a new house, it is well furnished but I am not satisfied with kitchen flooring. I am confused between bamboo and laminated flooring. My concern with bamboo in the kitchen is will it get water damage from splashing? Does anyone have bamboo in thei

What are some of the great kitchen flooring options?

I am all messed with up with the ideas that I have been looking for the kitchen flooring options. There are too many of them and I think that I like the laminated floo0ring but then I do not have that much money now to do that with my floor. What are some