Kitchen Makeovers

Go Eco friendly in your kitchen

Eco friendly kitchen is one that is better for your health, easier on the environment and is energy efficient. It improves the value of your home when your workspace is neat windows or under skylights as it saves a lot of power. As kitchen is the heart of

Could you tell me about the new age modular kitchen prices?

I have recently constructed a new house and the kitchen is not really trendy. I need my kitchen to look fresh and spacious. Somebody suggested me to try modular kitchen but I have no idea about the resulting costs. I want to make it in the size of 8.3’x

Are there any tips for resurfacing kitchen cabinets?

This Christmas, we aren’t planning for any remodeling, however, I am looking forward to getting our kitchen cabinets resurfaced. One of my friends advised me to get it done to give my kitchen a polished look, without spending exorbitantly on it. I would

Can you tell some cheaper Kitchen Makeover alternatives?

I want to do my kitchen makeover soon. But, I have limited fund so I have searched it online and find no specific solution to my problem. I have also heard that kitchen prefacing is a cheaper option to Kitchen Makeover. I’m wondering if an ordinary pers

What are the key points of kitchen makeovers?

What are the key points of kitchen makeovers? What are the areas mostly goes unnoticed during the makeovers but should be focused on? Are you aware of any books that can help one and guide one all through the process of the kitchen makeovers right from th

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