Kitchen Furniture

Artfully arranged china cabinets

A glass-fronted cabinet is a popular and decent way to showcase your kitchen chinaware. Arranging a china cabinet skillfully could be a little tricky. Here are some easy ways to artfully arrange your china cabinets.

Do you know how to remove stains from kitchen bench?

Well, I have a brand new granite kitchen bench, yesterday my 5 year old kid poured something on it and some yellow stains are appearing on it. It is looking very bad. I have cleaned with many cleaning products but no trick is working on it. Do you know ho

Could you suggest the best kitchen shelf system?

I am constructing a house and decided to have a walk-in pantry in my kitchen. I have settled on to make kitchen shelf here. I have two option to go for one is wooden kitchen shelf and other is wired kitchen shelf. But I have no clue which one is better. C

Can you give some best kitchen booth design ideas?

Well, I have a small kitchen area. But there is also some free space in the corner, that is relatively little bigger than the actual size of the kitchen. I want to use this space also. I have asked to few of my friends and they suggested me about installi

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