Kitchen Islands

Could you tell me about kitchen islands ikea?

Well, I’m looking to add a kitchen island. I also want storage space as well as workplace so I’m going to begin using our dining room as it was planned and place an island in the kitchen. I presently make use of the kitchen table for tasks like that bec

How to create outdoor kitchen island?

I am planning for outdoor kitchen. I have no idea regarding it and I want to know about the things that I need to keep in mind before buying the outdoor kitchen equipments? I want to know that how can I create a beautiful outdoor kitchen island? Also, tel

How to give country style upgrade to your kitchen island

A country décor gives a relaxed and informal feel to your kitchen interiors. Also, it is very functional. Almost every item of use is visible clearly and within reach. Most of the items used in country décor are not industry made. They are handcra

Can you suggest some kitchen island plans for my kitchen?

I have seen some kitchen island photos in an interior kitchen magazine. I liked them very much, so currently I’m looking for some ideas to make custom kitchen island in my kitchen. I want to build it quite big so that it can include a gas cook top, oven

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