How to give country style upgrade to your kitchen island

Rustic kitchen island

A country décor gives a relaxed and informal feel to your kitchen interiors. Also, it is very functional. Almost every item of use is visible clearly and within reach. Most of the items used in country décor are not industry made. They are handcrafted and have a coarse appearance. Bright colors add to the warmth and furnishing is laid back. Use natural products to do up the kitchen island. Here are a few ways to give a country feel to your kitchen island.

1. The Project

Bring a relaxed country feel to your kitchen island. Easy touch ups and details for the kitchen island to make it appear rustic.

2. Complexity level: Easy

3. Required items





Rag cloths



Woven basket

4. Process

a. Flowers

Arrange fresh flowers in a vase. Also use different types of flowers in vivid hues. Don’t pick flowers of the same color; a motley of bright red, yellow, pink and purple gives a country feel. Spice up the bunch with leaves, foliage and grass. Look for flowers with tall stalks and thorns. You can also arrange dried flowers.

b. Fruits and vegetables

Decorate the island with items that you actually use around the kitchen. Colorful fruits look amazing. Arrange them in a woven basket or antique metallic bowl. You can have green and red apples. Fruits in red, yellow, orange and green look adorable. A pumpkin, eggplant or squash placed on the kitchen island adds to the cheerful charm.

c. Metalware

Hang metallic pots and pans in and around the island. You can go for different metals like a black iron, silvery steel or reddish copper. Suspend ladles and serving spoons from hooks, large sized spoons are better to grab attention.

d. Cleaning cloths

Kitchen cloths placed around the island should look rustic. Go for checkered or plaid patterns. It is better to use rag pieces with patchwork rather than neatly stitched wipes. Crochet pieces around the island are also great for a small town look. Hang an apron in lacework or stripes nearby. You can also place a braided rub on the floor near the island.

e. Flawed knick knacks

Curio décor like oil lamps, pitchers, pottery, metal buckets, wooden racks, photo frames and deer antlers are great to add a bucolic feel. Go for pieces that are faded or have dents, scratches and chipped paint. Kitchen ware and china pieces like porcelain bowls, tea pots, cups, plates, etc. look nice.

f. Bricks and stone

Have some brick or stone work near the island. You can make a brick pattern on the walls near the island. Alternately cover an entire wall with stone or brick work. The space around the sink can be in stone.

5. Tips and tricks

a. Use ration

An easy and budget friendly way is to use ration to do up the kitchen island. Rest a sack full of onions or potatoes against the wall. Lay out corn cobs, a mound of wheat, nuts, seeds, dried fruits or pine cones. Display all grains and ration in transparent glass bottles on open shelves. Pickles, colorful beans and pulses in glass jars are fascinating – try alternate layers of red, yellow, cream and orange.

b. Stick to metal and woodwork

Metal and wood fit right into a country setting. Hang wooden artwork and fix wooden shelves. Opt for hardwood floors and wooden beams on the ceiling. Other pieces to stash are tree barks, trunks, metal hanging pegs and metal antiques. Items in distressed wood look fab.

6. Things to watch out for

While picking flowers don’t go for a neat organized bouquet, a wild bunch looks much better. Do not use any well made or polished décor. Go for rough looking handmade items, usually available in garage sales or thrift stores.

7. Frequently asked questions

What colors to use around a country style kitchen island?

A splash of bright primary hues is a must. A pop of brick red, sunny yellow, chocolate brown, olive green and cobalt blue is mind blowing. You can have showpieces, vases, kitchenware, rag cloths, artwork and other bric a brac in vivid hues.

What type of furniture to place near the island?

Place a bumpy looking chair nearby with old time designs. Wooden or cane chairs will look best. You can also have a rocking chair nearby. A small stool or a thin long bar stool in wood looks great. Prefer a hand painted one. Also a table with jagged rough edges is a pastoral pick. Look for furniture made from oak or pine wood.

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