Best Kitchen Islands, their Cost, Varieties and Advantages

Kitchen holds a sacred place in every house and is a center of family interaction. Hence, it is very important to design your kitchen very carefully. Kitchen island fixtures an increasingly popular way to add that visual appeal to your kitchen and are excellent at providing extra space for storage and seating.

Kitchen islands are available in bizarre styles, sizes and color option and vary in their cost, and have numerous features to add style, space and beauty to your cooking area. Here are the details of a few best types of kitchen islands.

Cart style kitchen island

Cart style kitchen islands:

Usually, these are the most affordable of all the kitchen islands and are earthy but extremely functional. They come with two or three shelves attached below a cutting board top. This cutting board top can be designed out of stainless steel, wood or plastic. These are fully movable and can be placed at any corner of the room. The upper surface can be utilized as a tabletop to keep microwaves and other appliances or even as an extra workstation.

Counter top kitchen island

Counter top kitchen islands:

These are expensive as compared to the cart-style kitchen islands but are equally beneficial. They come in two varieties, viz. movable and stationary, and are available in numerous options with different types of tops. The counter top is constructed with butcher block, stainless steel, granite or ceramic tiles. For those who want their island to provide extra space, they can choose the type that is available with an inner storage, hidden behind gliding doors.

Customized kitchen islands

Customized kitchen islands:

This type comes with the highest cost but is still the most preferred one. Customized kitchen islands come with a permanent fixture that serves like a dinette surface table. They are also available with integrated cooking facility systems and additional sinks. They come in different types of shapes like square, round, oval, rectangular or L-shaped. You can choose any design that suits your kitchen design and priorities of work.

Before selecting any kitchen island, you must carefully consider the dimensions and additional features available such as built-in wine or pot racks that help in effective organization of your place. To let the doors open properly, you need a minimum space of 42” from all sides whereas, in case of breakfast bar, each bar needs to be 24” wide.


More than being just another piece of furniture, a kitchen island holds an important place to make your kitchen attractive and effective. All these kitchen islands would help you utilize your kitchen to the best, provided you choose the correct dimensions.

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