Tips to choose the best wooden flooring for your home

When you have decided to use wooden floorings for your house, you have to take a number of decisions, as there are many types of wood floorings available. You also need to choose the patterns and designs on your wooden floorings. Wooden floorings are more expensive if we compare it with other type of floorings, such as linoleum, laminate or carpeting. It is a versatile choice and looks great. Wood flooring is available in many colors, styles and thickness. You have to consider the usage and also your budget before deciding on the type of wooden floor.


You have the choice of hardwood flooring of maple, oak or walnut, if your floor has a lot of traffic. If you have children and pets in your house, you should choose maple or other resilient kind of wood. It is highly durable. Even other woods are now prefinished with polyurethane coating which increases the durability of the flooring. It is easy to clean and versatile. It can be fitted anywhere and with any type of home décor. Moreover, it is sound proof. It retains heat and is perfect in cold climates, though it is not recommended in humid climates.


If solid wood flooring does not come within your budget, you can choose bamboo flooring. Bamboo is harder than wood and is environmentally friendly as well. In addition, it is stain and water-resistant and doesn’t scuff or scratch. It can be used in damp areas such as bathrooms. This is cost effective alternative to solid wood.

Engineered wood can be used in humid conditions, as it is highly durable in humid conditions. It is made of multiple layers that are positioned crosswire, then glued and pressed together.


Another inexpensive option is laminate wood flooring. It looks like hardwood and is available in wide range of colors and textures.

An important choice that you have to make is to select the flooring pattern. You can choose 3 inches wide strips, or planks, which can vary in width from 3 inches to 8 inches. Floors laid in geometric design also give a dramatic effect.


Whatever style or design you choose; the flooring of your house should complement the décor of your house. Wooden flooring is expensive, so do your research and talk to professionals. Consider the climate, heavy foot traffic, and sound control before taking any decision. It is also important to consider the cost of upkeep of your flooring. Cheap floorings may cost you less in the short term but may not be very durable.

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