Perk up your homes with dark floors

Light or dark floor, this is the question you have to answer while designing your house. They provide a completely different look to your home. Dark floors provide a sleek sophistication to your house, as they offer a dramatic feeling to the interiors. When paired with right colours, the dark floors can make your home look brighter. However, these floors show the dirt, and if you want your house to look spic and span, you may have a problem with dark floors.


If you are not afraid of experimenting, choose very dark colour floors with light or neutral coloured walls, furniture, and ceiling. Neutral shades of white, gray and butter yellow colours make the interior feel brighter when combined with dark floors.

Genuine wooden floors are not the only options while looking for dark floors. Laminate or luxury vinyl emulates the wooden flooring and is easy to maintain and clean. Dark floors can be used to create rustic feeling to the décor. You can use area rug to break the monotony of dark floor. You can also use dark flooring in conjunction with lighter flooring to demarcate different areas such as dining room and kitchen can have contrasting flooring. Dark tiles in bathroom in conjunction with contrasting walls and bathroom fittings brighten up the area.

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Living area can be transformed into a cozy relaxing place by using dark floor with warm coloured décor. The texture of the wooden floor can be replicated in accessories, such as suede ottomans, cushions and carpets.


For those who are cautious about using very dark floorings, they can use brownish flooring, which is not very dark, but still is different from regular light coloured flooring. Choice of colour of the flooring should also depend on the existing architectural details, such as stone or brick wall.

The dark floor of the room may make the room appear darker especially if the room is naturally dark, and may make it look cave like. In that case, consider using medium tint board on the floor, with bright walls and light coloured furniture.


A room with rich colour on the floor gives warmth and texture to the room. Whether you use wood, tile or vinyl, the options are unlimited. Complement the dark floor with contrasting furniture and walls. Don’t shy away from dark floors. They give the character to your room and brighten up the décor of the room. If used properly in conjunction with right colours and materials the dark floors give the mystique appearance to your house.

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