How to take care of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors look good in the house, as these floors brighten up the décor of the house. However, proper care of these floors can be difficult, especially if there are children and pets in the house. Preserving the natural beauty of the floors need daily care and maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your hardwood floor shining and in good condition:


Clean the floor regularly 

Regularly sweep the floor using soft broom or vacuum clean it using soft bristles. If you allow dirt to accumulate on the floor, it may cause scratches on it in the long run. The floor will also look dull. Use a dry mop to clean the floor everyday. Weekly clean the floor with water and some vinegar. Wriggle the mop, so that it does not drip with water. If water spills on the floor, dry it up fast, or else it will permanently damage the floor. Try to avoid soap, or other chemicals on the floor. If you must use soap, use mild detergent to wipe the floor.


Cover and protect the floor 

Use rugs and carpets in the high traffic area. Staircase and hallway see a lot of activity, so it is better to cover it using a carpet. Keep cotton rugs near the bathroom and kitchen sink to avoid the floor from getting wet. Do not use rubber or plastic mats as they may trap the moisture and damage the floor. 

Do not drag the furniture on the wooden floor, as it will leave scratches. Use felt pads under the feet of furniture to prevent scratches. If there are large windows allowing sunlight into the home, try to block the UV rays using blinds or curtains. Constant exposure to sunlight may cause fading of the floor. Move the rugs frequently, so that the color of the areas under the rugs remains the same as exposed floor.

Protect your floor from the heavy boots, high-heeled shoes and stiletto heels, which might damage the floor. Keep a pair of slipper near the front door and wear them in the house.   Regularly trim the nails of the pet.


Removing stains and marks 

Quickly wipe any water spilled on the floor using a soft dry cloth. Wipe any stains promptly using soft clean cloth. Do not use sandpaper or harsh chemicals to remove the satins. To clean dark spots, mix vinegar in warm water and clean the stain. To remove oil base stains, rub the area with a dishwashing detergent using a soft cloth and rinse with clean water.


Hardwood floors may appear elegant but they also need special care to remain intact as well as sparkling for a long duration.

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