Outdated kitchen –bar ideas

When you are looking to install a bar in your kitchen, you have to take care of a lot of things like location and  appliances. Your range of necessities might differ based on whether you want a fully equipped bar or just a small place to keep your bottles and glassware.


 Outdated kitchen –bar ideas

  • Proximity to a waterline – This is essential when you are building a bar in your kitchen. You are going to need a lot of water when you are entertaining guests. If it is not available nearby, you will have to go to and fro again and again which can be a bummer. It takes up a lot of time and effort and there is always that irritating part where you miss the most important part of a conversation.
  • Countertops – Having an adequate countertop, neither too short nor too long, helps you to turn the kitchen bar into a pantry as well thereby turning it into the perfect entertaining area. Go for stone countertops which are easier to clean and durable and resistant.
  • Stools – You should keep stools that are at least two feet high . To be on the safer side use, adjustable stools to suit a person of any height. A tall countertop with a short tool is a huge mistake.
  • Choose the right size – Always choose your bar according to the way you lead your lifestyle. If you have few friends or people or you  are not very comfortable with entertaining too many people at your home, then do not go for elaborate bars and countertops. Keep it simple, say four people in that bar. That way, it will take up less space and effort.
  • Right Cabinetry – The right cabinets work wonders where you can keep in all your beer and whisky and also ice hidden from the guests’ view.
  • Overdecorating – Never over decorate your kitchen bar. This is the place where you can chill after the day’s hard work and entertain your guests. Go for simple designs, you can be rustic or eclectic but over decorating is a strict no no. You do not want glaring visual stimulations while drinking your beer.
  • Leather furniture – Leather furniture take up a lot of space and have no place in today’s kitchen. They are ugly and passé. Opt for organic furniture and organic designs. They add a contemporary touch to the bar and are very stylish.

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