Kitchen Gadgets of yesteryears making a comeback

Gadgets of yesteryears are making a comeback and finding a place for themselves in the modern kitchen of today. These appliances are gaining popularity again because of them being practical along with nostalgia attached to them. People are also realizing that these gadgets are more energy-saving and cost-effective. People are also cooking meals more often, saving a lot of money this way and also ensuring they eat healthy nutritious food prepared at home.


Kitchen Gadgets of yesteryears making a comeback

  • SodaStream – With the SodaStream you can make your own carbonated drinks out of tap water . It is used for domestic purposes and is based on principles of making soda as invented by Guy Gilbey in 1903. SodaStream was big during the 70s and 80s and is making a comeback in the modern kitchen owing to its eco-friendliness  and cost-efficiency. Lorraine Pascal and Jamie Oliver are to be accredited with the 85% increase in sales in just one week after the former was found tweeting about it and the latter using it to make white champagne at the Jonathan Ross show.
  • Standmixers – Standmixers are making a huge comeback with better equipped facilities for all your kneading, mixing and whipping needs. There are a lot of accessories you can attach to the modern version of the standmixer . It might be a little heavier than a handmixer and take up a little more storage space but the powerful motor can take up any task of mixing that is not possible in case of a hand mixer.
  • Breadmakers – Bread is an important item in any meal. Breadmakers allow you to make healthy bread at home, free from preservatives.
  • Slow cookers – Slow cookers are also gaining favour once again owing to their cost-efficiency , especially with the rising rates of inflation and cost of living. Cookers retain more heat and are economical and easy to use. They give you healthier, low-fat meals, adding a double advantage to people who are trying to lose weight or just want to maintain weight. Slow cooking also bring out the true flavours of food, thus making it perfect for gourmet cooking.
  • Teasmade – Teasmades were once very popular in the United Kingdom. It is slowly gaining popularity again with a 102% rise in sales of teasmades year after year. People want a piping hot cuppa right on their bedside tables early morning when they get up and the teasmade allows them just that .

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