Wood look flooring can make a positive impact on your kitchen

When it comes to flooring you need to ensure that you invest in the right choice. Flooring is one area where we do not renovate that often, so it is essential that we make the right choice when we are deciding the look of the floors.

As much as it is very tempting to go with the latest trend, it is equally important to choose flooring that has a classic look.  A good thing about the wood look is that it gives you a chance to creative and get a unique feel and finish to your kitchen.

This type of flooring is versatile and classic

The wood look is one of the most ideal and classic options that you can consider for your floors. To bring in the modern touch, you can choose to blend this concept with any floor tiling theme and get the maximum benefit.

The versatility, easy to maintain and durability of the wood look floor give you the flexibility of being creative in every way possible. Here are a few ideas that you can think about when you plan to incorporate the wood look to your flooring.

The all-wood flooring

If you plan to go with all wood flooring, then it is essential that you research well about which kind of finish would be suitable for your needs. The all-wood flooring does require a lot of maintenance. Depending on the type of finish you choose, you need to ensure that you take the right type of care so that its natural beauty does not fade off.

The natural stone and wood look combination

A unique way to bring in the wood look to your floors would be to blend it in with natural stone. In this idea, you can consider the ratio of 80% natural stone with 20% wooden tiles. You can cut them in various shapes and sizes to bring in an interesting look and feel to your floors.

Laminate kitchen flooring

One of the main reasons why laminate wooden flooring is a good option is because it is stain resistant. This is an ideal option when you have kids at home since you can clean it easily. It is also good if you consider having pets. Considering that the kitchen is one of the areas where there is high activity, you need to ensure that the flooring you choose should be durable and it should sustain the wear and tear.

Porcelain or ceramic tiles with the wood look

For your dining area, instead of having natural wood, you can consider porcelain or ceramic tiles that have the wood look. This gives you an easy to maintain option along with a nice glossy finish. Another reason why this is a good choice is because it is water and moisture resistant.

Two toned patterned vinyl flooring

You can never go wrong when considering vinyl flooring. Well, instead of going for the traditional flooring, you can bring in a twist by choosing two different tones and patterns. To make this concept interesting, you can choose to have designed or pattered tiles instead of the traditional look. This will make your floors look very interesting and different.

The wood and ceramic pattern tiles idea

In this idea, you can blend traditional laminated border tiles with ceramic textured or patterned tiles. This will make your floor look different and unique. It is also an easy to maintain option especially when you have kids at home.  The good thing about this option is that you can become as creative as you want when choosing the patterns to give your flooring an interesting finish.

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