All that you should know about engineered wood floors!

Engineered wood floors are indeed one of the finest ways to lend a regal look to your home. Not only do they provide a sturdy base to your house but they also ensure that the essential duality of versatility and style is maintained and upheld. Irrespective of the numerous ways in which these wood floors can be customized and used, there are still a plethora of difficulties associated with their installment. Ranging from the problems of variety to location and from the criterion for evaluation to upkeep, there are plenty of aspects which present a challenging way ahead. Enlisted here are a few tips to help you straighten up these issues and install the engineered wood floors in a proper and adequate manner.

Engineered wood floor


The very first decision which one must make is regarding the specific location of wood floor installment. Owing to the multifariousness of their availability, these floors would gel wonderfully with almost every part of your house! However, before purchasing them from the market outlet, remember to conduct a thorough inquiry about the precise type and characteristics of the flooring you are going in for. Whether it is the scraped wood type or the environmentally safe bamboo type floors that you finally choose, never have them installed in places which are bound to receive either a lot of heat or consistent water. This includes washrooms, saunas, verandas and open porches. The more the moisture, the sooner they give in.

Radiant Heating

If you also harbor plans to simultaneously install a radiant heating mechanism, incorporated well beneath the floor, you will definitely need to undertake certain checks and balances. Most wood floors tend to expand and contract consecutively, just as the heat under them varies in level and extent. Thereby, it is extremely important to closely watch and inspect the wood floor material you settle upon. Make sure that it is heat resistant or at least is heat accommodating.

Clean it up

Cleaning up the wood floors pre and post installation is simply quintessential. Before you commence to place them on the house base, make sure that you clean up the sub-floors thoroughly and completely. This would ascertain that no dampness or humidity sets in. Similarly, after the installation process is complete, clean up the entire wood floor regularly. Wipe it with a dry cotton cloth without using any extraneous chemical solutions. By doing this, you will fix the glow and shine of the wooden floors.

Begin small

Considering your inexperience in handling wooden floors, let your beginnings be small. Over time, you will start realizing the mistakes you could have made, which ought not be repeated in future installments. Moreover, desist from using steely or abrasive substances over the newly instilled wood floor. This would make the surface rough and bumpy.

By following the simple tips which have been described above, you will certainly be able to put together the engineered wooden floors beautifully. After all, their purpose is to lend attributive credence to your mesmerizing house.

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