How to install kitchen countertop lighting

Kitchen countertop is the place in the kitchen that receives very less light. Less visibility in a kitchen area is not good. Well there is a solution for this. We use under cabinet light fixture to light up the kitchen counter tops. These light fixtures help to spread light to all parts of the kitchen and avoid any visibility problems. But they need to be installed in an appropriate way. Here we give you a detailed process of installing the kitchen countertop.

countertop lighting

A. Requirements to install

Here is a list of some elements that you require before installing process:

1. Under cabinet light fixture along with a bulb (available at departmental stores).

2. A screwdriver, preferably of good brand.

3. Screws of ¾‘’ to 1’’. The length of screws must not be greater than its thickness.

4. Staple gun, ½’’ staples

5. Pencil of number 2

B. Place to install the fixture

The place to install the fixture must be determined. The fixture must then be lined up. For convenience you can make an outline for screw holes with pencil.

C. Mark the Screw holes

After the screw holes are marked, the fixture is set down. After it the screws are screwed not fully, just a halfway in wood and unscrew it.

D. Screw holes are made

When you are done with screw holes, the fixture is placed again at the required place on the underside of cabinet. It must be carefully checked that the fixture is properly aligned with screw holes.

E. Place the fixture

Initially the screws must be screwed only till halfway in the wood. After ensuring that the alignment is correct and according to the choice, you can tighten all the screws fully. It must be checked carefully that the screws are fixed firmly and hold the cabinet well.

F. Place the light bulb

Once you are done with the fixture, it’s time to place the light bulb. Most of the under cabinet light fixtures usually have tube like bulb that helps it to place it correctly. If not installed then you need to install one.

G. Hiding the power cord

Now that the light fixture is set in place, it needs to be supplied with power and power cord up and out. First task for you in this is to find the safest and shortest path for the power cord so that it can be connected to the power outlet. Now to protect the power cord one needs to hold it along the path in which it is placed. Now with the use of staple gun, staple on the top of power cord so that it stays fixed in the place. It can be stapled at a distance of every six to eight inches as you move along the power cord.

H. Plugging the power cord

Now that the fixture is placed and power cord is connected with the power outlet, it is all set to work. Now set the switch of the fixture ON and experience your lit up kitchen. The kitchen countertops are no darker from now.

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