Care for your kitchen countertop

Care for kitchen counter top

Kitchen is the busiest part of the house. Something goes on cooking almost every time. This leaves the kitchen highly unorganized and dirty. The part which gets affected most by the continuous cooking activity is the kitchen countertop. They get frequently spoiled by numerous spots of oils, spices, beverages, etc. This requires a lot of work towards cleaning those countertops. If you take care of a few things, your kitchen countertop can also be shiny and healthy looking just as the way when it got installed. Follow these tips and work towards the betterment of your kitchen countertop.

Get to know the countertop material

The foremost essential step is to get to know the material of countertops by which it is made of. Countertops comes made from granite, marble, wood, soapstone, etc. Variety is there to choose for. If you know the type of the countertop, it will be easier to handle it. Granite countertops are steady and easy to work with. They can be get easily cleaned. Marble countertops are coarse and hence, make them little tricky to handle. Other materials need skillful handling too. You can gather the handling information from the internet, home tagged magazines, etc.

Seal the countertops

Sealing is an effective and recommended way to care for your kitchen countertop. Sealing makes a protective layer all over the countertop material which makes it more lasting. Get it sealed at the time of installation. Also take advice from the company or shopkeepers on the number of times you should go for sealing countertops.

Get rid of spots and stains

Granite countertops needs hydrogen peroxide to get them thoroughly cleaned while wooden ones call for oiling to keep them stay away from spots and stains. Different countertops require different methods of cleaning.

Improve the working strategy

Look after your working strategy when you are in the kitchen. You may possess the habit of spilling things around and leaving for later cleaning. It is a harmful habit for your kitchen countertop. Enrich yourself with on-the-spot-cleaning manner. This will maintain your countertop easily. You will not have to struggle for cleaning dirty patches later. If you are certain that things may spill on the countertop, place an absorbing piece on the working area. Do not put hot vessels on the countertops as it can heat up the surface and hence, can make a crevice in the countertop. Also, keep the acid containing liquids out of the countertop like vinegar, nail paint remover, alcohol, etc. Sharp objects must be kept away right after finishing work from certain countertops like wooden ones.

Get cleaning solutions

A lot of cleaning solutions are available in the market to clean and maintain your kitchen countertop. When you are sure about the countertop material, get the right solution. Use hard solutions for working on stubborn stains and mild ones for less sticky ones.

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