Simple ways to make your old kitchen look new


Makeover is the latest trend. Your home is no exception to this. If you want to choose the important section in your home it would definitely be the kitchen. This is where the magic begins. Over a period of time our lifestyle changes, even the priorities. But a house cannot be imagined without a kitchen. Try your hands on giving a fresh look to your kitchen. There are various ways you can do that without spending too much money. Here are few tips which you can try:

1. Add Color

Change the color of the walls. Adding bright colors to the wall will give a fresh look to the old kitchen. Change the tiles or add tiles in the place where there is heavy duty work executed. One good idea would be to use a theme for the tiles with fruits, kitchen articles. Explore creating your own painting on one of the wall with spray or stencil. This will add a personal touch to the kitchen. Paint the cupboards with fresh colors. Use light shades if your kitchen is small to make it look big. You can also replace the dark color of your cupboard doors to lighter shade so that your kitchen looks big.

2. Re arrange

Rearrange the kitchen. This needs no extra investment. All you need to do is to shuffle the way things are placed in the kitchen. While doing this, keep in mind the comfort and ease to using the new setup by the primary user of the kitchen. Discuss the plan with the user and then execute, else you will end up redoing the arrangement. While doing this, ensure that there is no fresh plumbing and electrical work to be done. This definitely gives the required face lift.

3. Plumbing

While giving a fresh look to the kitchen, don’t over look if there are any leakages or maintenance requirement. Check if the pipes and taps are intact and will last for long. If there are any inconvenience in using the taps, change it. You can also check for the new trend, easy to operate taps. This is also an inexpensive way to give a face lift to your old kitchen.

4. Add New Appliances

Go with the latest market gizmos. You can raise fund by giving off your old equipments on sale and make room for your new add-ons. The latest models come with energy savers. You can save on your the monthly bills. Involve the family to vote for what they want to change. It’s a good way to get participation with the new assignment you have taken. Believe me, it’s great fun to check the latest market gadgets. Do some investigation by searching on the internet and reading the feedback of the products. Remember you are doing an investment and you don’t want to be wrong.

5. Change Accessories

How about changing the handles of the draws, changing the cooking platform? This will give a fresh look. Change some of the worn out accessories due to heavy duty usage or for usability issues. Buy cookies jar, spice racks, Coffee jars to add glamorous new look to your old kitchen. Make provision for new things like a stand to keep your favorite recipe book. You don’t have to worry that the sauce you made may drop on the book and spoil it while you taste it. This also a good time to go shopping for curtains, table cloth, Napkins, Napkin holder matching with the new color scheme. I am sure every family member will look forward to it.

6. Add Greenery

One of the best ways to get that ultimate new makeover is to add greenery in your kitchen. You can plant small plants in clay containers. Paint them with floral design. This also can be an assignment to the kids. They would love to do it for you. You can also extend it to have your own kitchen garden. Try ginger, herbs like rosemary, thyme, Basil you don’t have to run to the store to buy it. You can pick it fresh and use it in your cooking. Please the pots near the window so that they get the sunlight they need. Also a must try is flower plants. Don’t try to have huge plants. It will make your kitchen look small.

7. Lighting

Give extra lighting to the kitchen to glow up the newly upgraded kitchen. Change the lights to give brighter look to the kitchen when it is lit in the light. You can also give focus lights to highlight the new add-ons to the kitchen.

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