Kitchen Ideas

10 kitchen tricks to repurpose stuff

“Reuse, Reduce and Recycle” – these three words play a major part in our daily life. Every day we generate waste and other stuffs from our kitchen. Be it carry bags, food containers, jars, bottles; we end up throwing a lot many stuffs as wastes. Findi

7 Simple kitchen repurposing tricks

Basic kitchen gadgets are a part of every kitchen. Seen as a basic need, we easily loosen our pockets for these multitasking kitchen gadgets which eventually don’t last for a very long period. How about reusing the stuff which is otherwise complete junk

12 creative home wet bar ideas

Let us begin with understanding the concept of a wet bar. In a wet bar, it is important to have running water and sink. These bars are easy to build and drinks are served pretty fast as water is readily available. This is one reason they are becoming huge

Could someone give me modern kitchen ideas?

My wife is asking me to do something about kitchen as she quite fed up of the old look. She has asked me to go with some modern designs. But I don’t know which design to choose for my kitchen. So, I want help from you people out there. Could someone give

Can you give me some new kitchen ideas?

I am planning to renovate my kitchen as now I find it quite ordinary. Even my partner told me that we should go for something new and exciting for the kitchen as it is quite dull. So, I want help from people who are expert in this field. I want some new k

How to make best use of space in the kitchen

Modernization of our life style has changed the way we use our kitchen. New equipments are widely used to make the kitchen look beautiful. Almost each of us wants our kitchen to look big, spacious and attractive. Even if there is a small kitchen, it can l

How to save energy in the kitchen

Energy saving has captured the public
imagination for two main reasons. The global recessive trend of the last five
years has made everyone rethink and re-budget their spending behavior. In
addition, mankind is facing an ecological disaster of huge propor

Set up the perfect home bar

A home bar is that part of your home, where you
can loosen up and enjoy your evening. If you set up it in an ideal manner, it
can soothe you whilst providing tranquility and peace. A perfect home bar needs
to possess a relaxing and soothing seating area w

Can you provide some home kitchen ideas to me?

Hey..Two days back I came to my new apartment here in Ohio and new home is cool but I am liking the kitchen so I am planing to refurbish the kitchen compartment. Can you give me some home kitchen ideas and also the making expense for the same. I have to i

Solutions For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

There is so much stuff in the
kitchen that storing it may become a headache in itself if you avoided planning
storage solutions while arranging your kitchen. Unfortunately, kitchens are yet
devoid of multi-purpose furniture that have started rocking th