How to make best use of space in the kitchen

Creating more space in shelves

Modernization of our life style has changed the way we use our kitchen. New equipments are widely used to make the kitchen look beautiful. Almost each of us wants our kitchen to look big, spacious and attractive. Even if there is a small kitchen, it can look spacious and be used more efficiently by designing or placing the utilities in a best possible way.

Not only the walls, ceiling or the drawers but right color for the walls can make a difference. Important concern is to consider small things very minutely. Any space which is kept clean and tidy looks more spacious rather than mismanaged. Following are the tips which can be used to make your kitchen big and spacious.

1. Plan for all spaces

Have a look in your kitchen, and check out the spaces that can be used in maximized way. Not only shelves and drawers but space between the walls or the space side of the window can be used for hanging items which are in daily need and also easily accessible.

2. Hanging items

Get creative with the hooks in your kitchen

There are varieties of things like lighter, towel, apron, gloves which can be hanged on the hooks. A large variety of hooks or pins are available in the market which looks lovely and are durable.

3. Shelves with compartments

Chopping boards, oil dispenser and many more things if kept on the counter it takes more space. Shelf which has compartments can be used placing the items in a row which looks organized.

Using corners wisely

4. Wall-mount

Wall mount racks or shelves are the best option to save space. These wall mounted shelves can be used for utensils, containers, jars. It can be covered or open according to one’s need. But be careful while hanging these shelves because you have to be sure that wall supports these shelves properly.

5. More cabinets

Have more cabinets in your kitchen will free your space of counter and make your kitchen more organized. Load of appliances will be less on the counter and thus looks more spacious.

6. Use multi-functional appliances

Make your kitchen by keeping multi-functional appliances instead of keeping so many appliances. There are varieties of appliances in the market which have multi uses try to keep those. Like by keeping microwave one can bake, toast, roast and cook.

A steamer can be used for many things

7. Make ceiling useful

Not many have thought that ceiling can also be use to save space. If there is no ceiling fan or light in the center, then a fruit basket can be made hanging.

8. Good use of colors

Maximize your kitchen space

Painting it with light colors gives a sense of spacious kitchen. Colors which reflect light and space should be used. Avoid dark and dull colors.

9. Proper light

There should be proper light in the kitchen. Less light makes your kitchen dull. Window alignment should be proper. All the shelves have proper and sufficient light.

10. Clean and uncluttered kitchen

Cleaning can be a large area which one has to keep in mind. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Unmanageable kitchen gives a dirty look. Uncluttered kitchen looks bigger and better.

These small points make a kitchen big and spacious which looks good and feel good.

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