Set up the perfect home bar

How to set up a perfect home bar

A home bar is that part of your home, where you can loosen up and enjoy your evening. If you set up it in an ideal manner, it can soothe you whilst providing tranquility and peace. A perfect home bar needs to possess a relaxing and soothing seating area with a touch of contemporary designs to offer your bar a classic look. If you already have an existing home bar, you must be having a good idea what to look for. This article provides a few tips to set up a faultless and good looking lounging area for you to unwind yourself. It gives you ideas about the placing and design of couches, tables and other equipments for a perfect home bar.

Bar stools

Bar stools or chairs are the first items one notices in a home bar. So, it becomes quite essential to ensure that the chair and stools should be of good quality and attractive too. Make sure that the height of the stools should be according to the height of your bar for a comfortable sitting. The top of the chair should be around 40cm and 45cm lower than the top of the bar counter when calculated from the floor.

Check the height of the stool before purchasing it from the store. If, somehow, you’re not able to get the chairs of the appropriate measurements, look out for the manufactures of furniture. They will make the required stools and chairs the way you want it to be and that too at a very reasonable price.

When it comes to bar furniture, stores offers you with a wide variety of stools, chairs and couches. They come in many materials, such as, wood, fabric, metal, plastic and leather. Some offers hard seats, while some provides soft seats, with or without arm rest and back rest. Also, certain chairs swivel and few are fixed to the floor. However, it is best to pick bar stools with soft and comfortable seat with back rests.

Other seating

Apart from bar stools and chairs, there are also ottomans, couches and bean bags. Pick any of these depending upon your choice and budget. Also, keep in mind the design and style of your bar.

Remember, beans bags require less space and can be moved around and stored with no trouble. The ottomans can be doubled up as a table as well. When picking the seating arrangements for your home bar, always consider about the space for a fresh and uncluttered look.


There are wide varieties of tables available in the market. They offer different dimensions, heights and finishes. If you want to save on space, go for a beautiful cocktail table with chairs fitted underside.

You have multiple options for table, from acrylic cocktail table, glass top cocktail table to iron cocktail table, marble top cocktail table and much more. The major advantage of these cocktail tables is that they can also act as dining tables for you.

If you have chosen a perfect cocktail table for you bar, then look for its durability. These should be strong enough to handle any sort of weight and pressure. There are certain tables that look stunning but are hard to maintain and delicate too, such as, glass top table.

Pool tables

Want to add extra décor and glamour to your home bar? A pool or snooker table is a perfect option to jazz up your lovely home bar. It offers enjoyment and you can also share great times with your friends.

For a comfortable shooting with cue, you require about 1.4 m clear table edge space. For instance, an 8 foot pool table with the slate dimensions of 2.4 m x 1.3 m requires a room size of no less than 5.2 m x 4.0 m. Bigger is better of course.

With these easy tips, brighten up your home bar and enjoy your evening like never before.

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