12 creative home wet bar ideas

Let us begin with understanding the concept of a wet bar. In a wet bar, it is important to have running water and sink. These bars are easy to build and drinks are served pretty fast as water is readily available. This is one reason they are becoming hugely popular in homes. A wet bar is surely going to make your house more attractive, so it is important that you decide the right design. In addition to this, you will not have to move to and fro from your kitchen to get ice, water, or to wash glasses as all of this can be done in the bar itself.

Here are a few ideas on the things needed to set up a bar followed by some designs you may find interesting:


1. Bar style

Since you have to include the bar in your home, choose a style that suits you and is easy to maintain. Typically metallic surfaces are chosen over wooden ones as they are sleek and easy to keep.

2. Accessories

Add accessories that are convenient and modern. You can use refrigerators and a sink is very important.

3. Furniture

To develop an atmosphere that is comfortable, choose the right kind of furniture. For you home it is ideal to choose bar stools. You can go for chairs and couches if your space permits.

4. Entertainment

To make your home bar interesting it is wise to install a music system or a television set in it.

5. Colors

This is an important factor to add fun to you bar. You can choose bold and bright colors or go in for warm ones and keep the lighting low.


6. Formal

To give your wet bar a formal look add mirrors to the back of the bar preferably with gold trimmings. The bar stools can be painted black and the cushions can be in satin with piping of gold. Add a glass top to the bar which you can paint black.

7. Hidden home

As the name suggests this bar is generally built in a way that it is hidden from the main area of your living room. It can be made in a closet or you can use a screen that can be folded to hides this bar.

8. Break down

It is the easiest bar to make as everything can be folded up it is best for small homes. You can add an aluminum cart to store with the bar so that it tucks under the bar when you set it up.

9. Pub inspired and/or glass rack

This home wet bar finds its inspiration in the classic style of the English bars. Few things that are absolutely necessary in this bar are pint glasses, bar trays and bar towels. The color scheme is black even the walls behind the bar. Dart boards and red cushions can be a fun addition. To further add ambience to you bar you can bring in a hanging glass bar to keep all your hardware. You can go for a complete glass bar look if it suits you.

10. Strip club

Now here is a bold idea to go with. You can paint your bar in funky colors, have red and dim lighting and add a metal stripper pole in the bar for the fun element.

11. Jungle and/or camp theme

Get down to being creative when you have this as your bar theme. Create a jungle scene, use a brown color scheme, bring in wooden or bamboo bar stools and use fabric for cushions. If you decide to go with the camp theme you can add a few hollow coconuts, and place them in a large bowl on the bar. You can use the same color scheme as the jungle theme in fact you can switch between the two.

12. Sports

What better way to show you support to your favorite team than to build a wet bar based on them as theme. Use the team’s color as the color for you bar, hang out the posters of you favorite players and for the bar stool cushions also you can use the team’s color. You can add a number of accessories like the sports gear, team jerseys and a lot more.

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