All you need to know about Tuscan Kitchens

Tuscan kitchen

The true art of cooking is squeezed out in a Tuscan styled kitchen. The Italian art of designing a kitchen has its aura and the aristocracy of the layout is awesome. The needs and the utensils of the kitchen does not change a bit in a Tuscany kitchen but the way of presenting the crockery, slabs achieves a new style. Tuscan is basically a place in Italy which has developed its own signature in the planet to give you the quality kitchen stuffs and make your cooking as sweet as saccharin! So, go on reading the next paragraphs to know everything about a Tuscany kitchen.


Italy has always been known for its rich culture and heritage and the land gave us innumerable fashionable kitchen layouts, Tuscany being the most relevant. If you do not want your imagination to be stymied by the typical demands of kitchen, unfold the imaginative realm of your mind with Tuscany kitchens. The warm glow of the beautiful Tuscany kitchen is really commendable because the materials which are normally used like tiles, floor casings, dull curtains, crockery are no longer a hindrance. With Tuscany, the fashionable aspect of kitchen comes out which gives your kitchen a superb layout but with all the precautions taken. So, it grew as a very popular style of kitchen layout over the years. Handmade Italian ceramics, kitchenware, woven with crockery ornaments and styles, Tuscany inspires passion for charming kitchen appliances.

Key components:

1. Dinnerware: The dinner wares of Tuscany kitchen have their own style and aristocracy. The water friendly materials and the non-stick pans help the cooks to achieve master delicacies.

2. Urns: The urns are completely of a different flavor which oozes wondrous accents and are very useful while it comes to usage.

3. Glass wares: The classy glass utensils are specially made for the Tuscany styled kitchens and adds a nice charm to your dream kitchen.

4. Furniture: The dining of Italian people has a pretty traditional touch. The heritage of Italy is significant here where every person of the family needs to be present while dinner and so the large tables of wooden handicrafts are important. Also, the table linen must have an exotic appearance which may seem trite but are really important in Italy. So, Tuscany is not only a kitchen style, it is a tradition!

5. Coloring pattern: This is an important phenomenon which may seem insignificant. The vibrancy of sharing the dining table is a culture in itself, so the use of optimum color hues in the Tuscan kitchen is needed.

6. The kitchen counters: The travertine, kitchen slabs, granite usage are perfect adjuncts of a nice kitchen. The use of fancy slabs over the counters, colorful matrix to keep food and such can be a soother for the eyesight.

7. Cabinets: The cabinets are placed according to the need of the customer, but mostly they are placed over the top so that you can easily access the upper cupboards to your convenience.

8. Back splashes: The mural paintings, sophisticated art forms are an important incorporation in the Tuscan style of kitchen which totally takes your breath away.

What is so great about Tuscan kitchens?

The use of terracotta tiles, marbles for floors, mural arts all over are really the primary enticing aspects of a Tuscany kitchen. The Tuscany has always been a master of use and beauty, so the element of water can be a pretty cool accessory of kitchens. The Italian style of decor is notable when it comes to the sheer peaceful feelings while cooking but no one can deny that the crumbling stone decor, rustic decor are simply sensuous. The use of wrought iron materials, utensils, gives the Tuscan kitchen a touch of royal essence, which can bring about a soothing beauty unfolding in front of your eyes.

The basic concept lies on the fact that Tuscany uses all the elements of nature to provide useful set-up for your cooking experiences. The fact that it is a traditional and natural way to discover your aesthetic cooking sensibilities is totally contemporary and the demand for this layouts of kitchen wares are increasing. The piquant reactions of all your guests would be the most pleasurable ones for you, when they see your Tuscany kitchen.

Down sides of the Tuscany kitchen

The total installment of Tuscany kitchen is an expensive affair because the kitchen wares involved are costly. The wall paintings, glass wares and mural art structures can really take a toll on your wallet. The availability of genuine Tuscany kitchen art is not pretty common in some parts of the world, so the information of the Tuscany in a particular country, place is hard to collect. The elaborate design may become a pain too, if it is done with sub-standard quality materials, so it is important for you to think thrice, before you leap.

Things to watch out for

1. The Tuscan basically is a romanticized version of Italian tradition, so the organization with which you are dealing must be authentic, so that the fraud companies are unable to plunder you.

2. You should deal with Italian companies only if it is not a big problem.

3. You should check out the layout and approve it before the work starts because if in any case you do not like the style, then the whole Tuscan kitchen has to be re-modeled.

4. The payment related stuff must be cleared out prior to the installation of Tuscan kitchen.


1. Your basic motive should be to chalk out the Tuscan kitchen precisely so that there is no hindrance to access all the kitchen parts.

2. Never keep the stove and sink on the opposite sides.

3. Always position the refrigerator close to the sink.

4. Make the cabinets spacious and keep your utensils in an organized manner. This will help you to keep a track of your utensils and save your time.

5. The height of the cabinets must be optimal so that you can reach out to your appliances easily.

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