Top 6 factors to consider while designing a home bar

Home bar

Planning to design a home bar? You have to consider a lot of things to make the design engaging and entertaining. It has to be very practical for both: the host and the guests. First, you have to be familiar with the design and the features in a home bar. A bar in the home should have a base wall and a resting counter on top. You may or may not incorporate shelves and counters under the counter, on the sides and the back. You should consider the purpose of the bar too. Whether will it be used for entertaining the family members, and friends, or for holding parties and business use etc. Other things to consider are the location in your home, the dimensions, and materials to use, hiring builders and of course the budget.

1. Use of the home bar

The design and style of the bar will largely depend on the use you are going to put it to. Most of the home owners have a bar for entertaining their family and friends. Most of these friends are those who are regular visitors and business colleagues. This will give you a clear idea about how often you will be using the bar and how many people will be using it.

If you want it for having some intimate get-togethers, it is better to have the bar a bit away from the family space, like the basement area, games room or the BBQ room. You should also decide if you wish to have a permanent room for the bar or a movable type with all the things to be stored away. If you are having a movable bar, you can put the things away and use them only whenever required. This type is beneficial if space is a constraint.

2. Location of the bar

The next thing to consider is where exactly you need the bar in your home. If you are looking out for a movable bar, then this is not of any concern at all. But if you need a permanent fixture then you have to find a suitable place. The most important thing is water. You should have water supply close by or it should be easily extended to the area. Water is necessary for the sink as well. You will have to wash your hands, rinse glasses or pour out the left over drinks. Consider a ‘wet bar.’ Wet bar is nothing but a bar with a sink and running water supply.

Another important factor is electricity for lighting. Good lighting is essential. You should also be able to use other electrical devices like ice makers, blenders, bar fridge and a sound system.

Common locations include the entertainment rooms, game rooms, basement or a lapa. It should be easily accessible and comfortable. Most of the bars are found in the corner of a room with a wall behind. It helps you to display and store all the drinks, bar equipment and other decorations. A bar can be used for spending time with your family, playing games or even having your breakfast. Most of the home owners prefer to keep the bar close to the kitchen especially, if you do not have a breakfast counter or a kitchen table. If you are planning for an outdoor bar, it has to be kept covered from the rough weather. Outdoor bars are usually made of materials like treated wood so that it withstands all the natural elements. Treating the bar regularly is an ideal way to retain its looks and durability.

3. Size of the bar

The space available in your home decides the size of the bar. The general rule is that it should not take more than 25-35% of the space of the room where it is situated. You should also use appropriate furniture to entertain people. It should have enough space for free movement. Storage is also an important aspect of your home bar. There should be enough space for storing all the drinks, bar equipment and other appliances. A storage area above the bar counter is the most practical option. For a professional look, you can use brackets to hold the glasses. The amount of space available also helps you to choose the shape of the bar. Some of the common shapes are straight, U-shape, L-shape and corner bar.

4. Budget

The budget is the overriding factor that decides the type of bar and how you are going to design it. You can build it cheaply without the assistance of a professional. Hiring a builder will make it more expensive. The budget should also include the cost of the bar appliances like fridge, TV etc, bartending equipment and the stock.

5. Materials used

The style of the bar is determined by the materials used for building it. The bar can be designed in a traditional or modern way. Bars are usually made of solid wood with the base made of mortar and bricks. Bar counters are made of natural stone or hard wood. Modern designs use stainless steel, glass and aluminum. Remember to use materials that are durable and match to the decor of the surrounding.

6. Lighting

Strategic lighting is very important. Bright lights should be used above the counter. Lights are also required in the area where you will be mixing the drinks. You can have some nice lighting effects for various occasions. Lights that can be dimmed are also very useful.

Incorporate all these aspects into your bar design and enjoy the best home bar.

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