3 Ways to renovate kitchen cabinets

Kitchen renovation

The most important part of your kitchen is a kitchen cabinet. They are responsible for creating the mood and setting the style in your kitchen. They are completely functional as well. When you are innovating your kitchen, the biggest investment is on the cabinets. So you have to take time to shop around to find the most suitable and cost-effective cabinets. Apart from that, they have to be matching to your kitchen decor and provide ample storage areas and be easy to use. The type of cabinets you are going to use depends on your budget too.

Most of the house owners innovate their kitchen for various reasons. Some look for adding the resale of their home. There are still others who want to add style to the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Some home owners like to add more space and change the features. If you are planning to sell your home, then the best thing to do is to remodel the kitchen and sell it within one year. You will be getting about 90% of your investment. The value increases as the number of years increase. According to the Remodeling Magazine, there was about 74-79% of recouping on what was spent on the homes for remodeling.

If you have decided to remodel the kitchen, you have to first decide the type of changes you need and how much money you are going to spend. Sometimes your kitchen may be in a good shape and need only a few changes. In such a case, you can consider refacing the cabinets. This will cost lesser than completely replacing the cabinets. If the cabinets are falling apart or have corroded then avoid refacing. In such cases, you have to replace them. If you plan to refinish the cabinets, it is just a makeover of the damaged ones.

1. Refinishing

The most economical solution to beautify your kitchen cabinets is to refinish. You will be able to decorate the cabinets in a short span and less cost. The amount of money you spend on repainting and refinishing depends on the method and type of paint. If the cabinets are made of plywood and wood they can be painted easily. Laminate, melamine and metal cabinets require special kind of paints. If normal paints are used they may chip or peel quickly.

When the painting is about to be done, remove the drawer fronts, doors etc from the cabinets. This will help you to get an even paint coat. Remove the grease and other contaminants to apply the paint properly. While repainting, try the spray paint to get the best finish. You will get uniform coverage without any marks. Then paint the inner parts of the cabinet shelves. Use oil base primer for the paint to stick on well. Gloss and semi-gloss paints work best for repainting. If you are using water-based paint then buy 100% acrylic.

2. Replacing

For a complete makeover of your kitchen you can consider replacing every object in the kitchen. You need to spend a fortune for this. If all the kitchen cabinet parts are worn out, this is the best thing to do. Instead of just spending on the cosmetics you may need to replace everything so that they last long and be fully functional. Most of your money will be spent on the cabinets. For getting the best results, you can either choose from modular kitchen cabinets or get them custom made according to your kitchen decor. With the modular type, you may not get the exact types you are looking for. But with custom made type you can specify the dimensions, finish, shape and size.

Different types of material are used for making the cabinets. Low cost types are melamine covered. They use cheap hardware. For medium range cabinets, use solid wood or paint grade plywood. Such types use reasonably cost hardware. If you are looking for high-end models, you have to choose hardwood veneers and solid wood doors that are stain proof. Ensure that the drawers and doors close properly without any gap. Custom made cabinets may be expensive. If you a DIYer, it is better to use the modular types. They can be easily fixed by following the instructions. Modular cabinets cost less than the custom made types. They are usually found in standard sizes.

3. Refacing

If you are really happy with the current layout of the kitchen, the best thing to do is to reface. If the cabinets are in good working condition, you just need to do some changes in the overall looks. Refacing helps you to get the desired look at a reasonable price. All you have to do is to cover the exterior surfaces with a new laminate. Replace the drawers and the doors. Treat the front and side panels with new veneer or a fresh paint. In this job, there is no mess around. The job will be done is a few days time. If possible you can also consider changing the countertop and wall paint. Add a few accessories to complement the changes.

Remodeling the kitchen is beneficial if you plan to sell your home. The new looks can influence the buyer and help him make a good decision. So, plan well what you really want to achieve and spend wisely.

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