Your home bar building guide

A beautiful home bar can add an additional appeal to your place. It can be a center of attraction for all your guests. While you plan to design one, you should keep some important things in mind, before you put your step forward. You should check all your resources and should prepare a list in advance, as to what is needed and what will be required in the process. You should also take account of your bank balance before you jump in for any action. Because tools used to design a home bar are expensive and can cost you more than even the completely arranged bar.

So to reduce your stress level, we present you a list of all important things you need to collect before you start with your design:

1. Plan

First and foremost thing you have to do is to plan and design the structure, shape and size of your bar. This is the first step that will initiate the whole process. Prepare a list all the things you will require in your bar. It can include a fridge, a beer cooling and dispenser system, shelves, glass holders, sink, sound system and lights. Make sure you list all the important items properly, because it can make your work less hectic afterwards.

You can draw a design of your bar on a piece of paper and if you are unable to do, it then you can also opt for some online bar designs.

2. Materials

Next step in the process is to pick the desired material. It includes the choice of furniture you want to select for your bar. Nice furniture can add a charm to your bar and can make it look more attractive. Wood is almost everyone’s preferred choice, but if you want to design it a bit different, then there are plenty of other options available in the market like marble, granite, super wood and Formica. You can design it the way you want to because at the end, it’s all about your space and creation.

3. Lights selection

When you choose lights for your bar, you should keep certain things in mind like the place where the bar is located, the ambience of the place etc. for a variety of lights, you can visit different showrooms that specialize in lights and can opt for the one which suits your taste the best. You can choose from a vast range of small fairy lights, down lights, hanging lights and suspended lights. Select them according to your home décor and remember to place them in sync with the whole place. Always remember that lights create the much desired atmosphere.

4. Construct wisely

After you choose the design and lights of your bar, next in the queue is the construction stage. In this stage, you should plan the look of your bar. Always keep in mind to start your construction from the base. Select a strong support for your bar. The most preferred shape for your bar would be a ‘U’ shape, because it’s most stable and less fragile in nature. Then you can give it an ‘L’ shape and then can move it in a straight direction. This helps your bar to remain stable and strong for a long period of time. Always remember to fix the water inlet and outlet of your bar, plan where you should keep the electrical appliances and decide to fix the necessary electricity extensions.

5. Measurements

Measurement of any bar is an important area of concern for a person who plans to design it. When you start the construction, and then make sure you have taken the correct and accurate measurements of the width and the height of the bar. The height and width of the bar depends on the structure and shape. Usually the height of the top most part should be around 1.1 m or 1.2 m. If you plan to place stools in your bar. The height of the bar may differ from the size. But if you don’t plan to put them in your bar, at least leave a comfortable space for stools, for any change of mind in future.

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