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Earlier, kitchen was the asset of women, but now with several advancements, kitchen has become a common property where we can find both male and female participation. It is not only a place where we cook food, but also it has become a place for relaxation, too. In this modern era, the outlook of the kitchen has also changed. Every day, new innovations are coming up in this field. To make it look more attractive as well as to protect the kitchen from scratch and abrasion, we use tiles. According to the creativity and aesthetic sense, one can select the areas to be tiled with. While choosing tiles one should bear in mind that it should not be slippery and should be scratch free.

1. Floor

The floor should be bouncy and water repellent because there is a chance of slipping. Tiles of this type are definitely useful. It is more easy to clean the kitchen counters if it is made of tiles. Back splash tiles are resistant to high flame around the stove.

2. Pebble tile backsplash: A perfect natural explanation

The style of kitchen will be unique if it is installed with pebble tiles. It looks more natural and cost effective if installed in the backsplash area.

3. Flip flop

If we arrange the tiles in an alternative way, it will appeal more. It is also cheaper. Select the tile size as 18″x18″, 12″x 12″.

4. Vallelunga sierra stone and deco mosaic

We can cover both the backsplash and counter with two different tiles giving a fresh look. We can lay Vallelunga stone on the counter and underneath of the backsplash. Then deco mosaic tiles cover the rest.

5. Tiles from Tibet

This is made of 6 inch square and 12″ x 18″ Tibet tiles. The muddy color adds charm to the walls.

6. Mosaic backsplash

Mosaic – the most widely used tiles among the kitchen tiles. Mosaic tile comes attached to mesh in 12″ x 12″ sheets for faster installation. It pulls the radiance in.

7. Ornamentation in the cooking space

The best option is the decorative tiles. If it is attached to the counter and backsplash, what else you need to charm the eyes. You can have any design on these tiles in various colors, too.

8. Metallic effect: Metal tiles

It is rough and tough. It will blend perfectly when it is installed in the pipe section and easier to attach to the walls. You just have to peel off and stick to the wall.

9. Rosy glasses: Glass mosaic 3/4″ x 3/4″

It is easy to rub the dust and smoke particles from the glass surface and it will be vitrified, which is more perfect to the environment.

10. A Ready-to-Hang Tile Backsplash

In this busy life who finds time to do the works in the kitchen. Here we go with the easiest tile to be installed. 36″x 20″ tile backsplash – the more ease and no hardship in installing. You only have to hang the tiles.

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