Kitchen designs that are not in fashion

Design trends in kitchen can become out dated, what seems to be all the rage today may later become passé fad tomorrow. So when decorating a kitchen, how does one choose the right trends and still stay modern without really hurting your budget for kitchen renovations:


By definition, interior designs are always changing and this also affects the kitchen desirables that we would choose to purchase-this also applies to all those things, details and features that would make your kitchen a very covetable, desirable and pinnable and shareable one. We want those farmhouse sinks, those pristine white cabinets and the rack dark wood floors. These are the first things that come to mind when renovating a kitchen but they may not always stand the test of time.

There are no real factors that determine the longevity of the remodeling trends of kitchens. So it is always best to flip through the latest design magazines and choose individual pieces that would work for your kitchen rather then just churning out the latest theme.


John Petrie of the National Kitchen and Bath Associationwho also owns the MH Custom Cabinetry has given a long list of recommendation when interviewed by the Forbes magazine. He recommends staying away from farm house sinks that were hot in 2011-2012, but have not been very big lately, he also suggests avoiding using range hoods and pot racks as focal points in the kitchen whose popularity has been waning since 2009, when they were a hit.

He has also said that appliance manufacturers will suggest that ice or arctic or white is the new stainless steel, but he recommends that stainless steel is still the top trend as it considered to be today’s neutral.


Another reason for avoiding kitchen trends is that you will have to renovate the whole kitchen when you install new fixtures; choosing classic designs mean that you can avoid renovations for years to come and only invest in long term maintenance.

Many people who do have old fashioned things in their kitchen simply hang on to it because it gives their kitchen a vintage look, but these are only a few pieces or appliances while the rest of the kitchen-like the tiles, flooring and other appliances are changed to keep up with the trends.

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