Tips to do up your kitchen in a small flat

Small apartments can be a challenge to decorate as you want to add character to the place but at the same time you don’t want to add to many things that will eat up what ever little space that you have. The kitchen is a crucial area as this is the place where you store food and prepare meals, her are some decorating ideas for kitchen in a small flat:


Unusual Kitchen Island:

Tiny kitchens can have an unusually designed islands placed in the kitchen. The size of the island will depend on the entire floor space in your kitchen; after all you don’t want to get an island that is too big. Take time is scouting around for a good piece and hopefully a good bargain too.



Use dividers to separate the kitchen from the rest of the room that may be used as a dining room or living area. An open book shelf will not make the room feel closed up and cut off, and it will give you additional storage room.


Dining area:

If your kitchen has a window overlooking a garden, you can place a small table there with some chairs that can be used as a dining areas and a study place as well. The window sill can have a few small plants that will add some beauty to an otherwise boring place.



Appliances and gadgets are needed in the kitchen, small kitchen will require some thinking to decide which appliances you are most likely to use on a daily basis. You don’t really need to have an ice cream maker in a small kitchen, choose a toaster and griller instead. In place of a double door refrigerator, you can have a single door one or get one of those mini- refrigerators. If you have the space for a dish washer then install one, otherwise you can do without it.


Over head cabinets:

Storage space in the kitchen necessary, don’t buy additional stand alone cabinets that will require floor space. Install sturdy over head cabinets that will utilize empty wall space and give you more room to move about.


Avoid clutter:

Don’t install too many wall hooks in aces where they will take up extra space. The stove area and baking appliances should be kept in clear spaces.

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