Kitchen designs that are hot

Designing kitchens are given equal importance as are the other rooms, once the kitchen was a place that was built using the principle of simplicity and functionality. Kitchens are sometimes used for family dinners and entertain guests; here are some designs for kitchens:

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The current trends in kitchen interiors design is to combine two different tones of wood on the cabinets, onyx stone can be used on the walls. While onyx seems like a good design idea for commercial buildings, it can also be used in the kitchen. Make the kitchen countertops in marble that is about two to three inches thick. Wood can aloes be used for kitchens that get a lot of light, wood also warms hard surfaces and can be used on counter tops, floors or bar stools.



High gloss Parapen is basically a solid acrylic that comes on over twenty colors and is similar to lacquer in texture. Parapen does not chip, scratch or lose it color and can be used for most of the surfaces in the kitchen.



This is essential function that is needed in the kitchen; people are installing more drawers over cabinets that are easier to reach than overhead cabinets. The lack of cupboards or cabinets actually opens up the kitchen and aback splashes can be extended towards the ceiling. Back splashes can be made with tile or stone. Stuff can be stored in larger pantries, and a clutter free kitchen means easier access to appliances.


Counter tops:

While natural stone is still a popular choice for counter tops, people have become more daring and are installing various kinds of stone like quartzite, granite. Quartzite has also been cuthorizontally so that it produces a striated design. For a more luxurious choice, you can also use lava stone that has been extracted from the Auvergne quarries located in France.



Kitchen tables can be used as islands and there fore reduces clutter, people are looking for neat, classy yet compact materials, appliances counter tops. The double wall oven and the six burner cook top stoves are passé, instead enamel based ranges with big knobs are the rage as they stand out as statement pieces that stands in the center of the kitchen and is something that is also very basic, colorful enamel adds interest to the kitchen with neutral tones.

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