Kitchen Decor

6 Tips for a futuristic kitchen

When it comes to interior design of a house, many people give first
preference to the interiors of the kitchen. No longer people compromise
with the looks and functionality of their kitchens. Kitchen is one of
the most utilitarian places in the house.

Simple renovations for a beautiful kitchen

Lately, the focus in kitchen decor is the high gloss look, especially on walls and cabinets. The kitchen style which used to be ultra sleek in stainless steel is fast being replaced. If you have been wanting to change the look in your kitchen, you can do

Dream kitchen ideas

Kitchen is the central hub of the house where many good times and family bonding takes place. This is the only part of the house which is constantly in use for any impromptu occasion. This makes it essential to have a kitchen that is pleasing, workable an

Which is the best place in the kitchen to install kitchen TV?

Well, I want to install a TV in my kitchen because I spend my maximum time in the kitchen and miss few my favorite programs on TV. I also want to watch cookery shows while in the kitchen. Which is the best place in the kitchen to install kitchen TV? pleas

Can you give me some pics of kitchens with tile flooring?

Well, I am about to install new kitchen and the floor is covered with the black and white tiles. I think the tiles are ceramic. I am not found of these tiles so I want to covet them up with vinyl in one piece. But before do that I want to know is this pos

Could you recommend best color options for kitchen wall tile?

Well, I have bought new house and my new kitchen has light oak with black fleck granite countertops with pale yellow kitchen walls. The flooring is done with pale. I have a fixed conservatory in the backyards and my kitchen becomes darker. So, I’m puzzl

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