Simple renovations for a beautiful kitchen

kitchen renovation
Lately, the focus in kitchen decor is the high gloss look, especially on walls and cabinets. The kitchen style which used to be ultra sleek in stainless steel is fast being replaced. If you have been wanting to change the look in your kitchen, you can do some simple changes without having to spend a fortune. Keeping everything simple and minimal in the changes, you will find your kitchen transformed into a new avatar.

1. The trendiest choice of colors for this season comes in shades of yellows, soft greens and blues. While having your kitchen painted you could also install turquoise panels and change the look of your kitchen island area.

2. You can even opt for accent walls in subtler and temporary ways. The lightnings could also be given a new life of fixtures and styles. Your drawers could do with a little bit of attention in terms of pull outs and knobs. However, choose colors, palette and shades which will not get on your nerves in the following days and months. Since you will be in touch with your kitchen everyday, choose something which will have a soothing effect on your senses.

3. Your kitchen sink could be given a little help from Blanco Canada’s faucet lever. A touch of stainless steel or chrome fixtures can add elegance to your sink area, instantly giving it a new spark of life.

4. To change the monotonous station of your appliances such as a fridge, you can move them into a new area for a new touch. However, while moving old things or installing new appliances, always use rollout padding on the floor. This will prevent any cuts and scratches on the floor.

5. Try on a new avatar for your dishwasher as well by having it replaced with a new sleek TriFecta model. Apart from the absence of any noise, you will feel a complete sense of harmony in your kitchen.

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