Advantages and disadvantages of wallpapered kitchen backsplash

Wallpapered kitchen backsplash

It is a good idea to install a wallpapered back-splash in your kitchen, as it is quick, economical and creative way to add color to your kitchen. However, wallpapered kitchen back-splashes have both pros and cons. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of covering your kitchen back-splashes with wallpaper.

Advantages of a wallpapered kitchen backsplash

1. Uniqueness

The wide range of wallpaper patterns and styles that are available will make your kitchen look unique. Changing the wallpaper is easier than changing the tiles, stones, laminate or metal backsplashes of your kitchen. You can use self adhesive to install new wallpaper in your kitchen backsplash. It is also one of the most economical choices to use the wallpaper for your kitchen backsplash than using any other material.

2. Color and design

Wallpapers are available in numerous designs and colors. You can decorate your kitchen backsplash with one that works well with your countertop, hardware and cabinet color. You can take one of the cabinet drawers to the wallpaper shop to help you find the complementary colors and design available. If you want your kitchen backsplash to look contemporary then you can choose from the wide range of geometrical design such as square, circle and asymmetrical lines. However, if you opt for a country kitchen look for your backsplash then you can opt for designs such as vegetables, flowers, motifs and herbs. You can also choose a design that looks like a tile, brick or stone surfaces.

3. Install the wallpaper on a kitchen backsplash

It is a best to buy wallpaper that is made for the bathroom, as it will resist the moisture and prevent your kitchen backsplash. Install the wallpaper in such a way that it covers the area behind the sink, range top and other appliances. To create a unified appearance it is essential to cover at least ¼ of the room’s wall. It is also essential to match the patterns carefully when applying the wallpaper, as the errors are noticeable when it comes to small areas and corners.

4. Fashionable and frugal

While buying wallpaper for your kitchen backsplash, buy at least 1 yard more than your measured square footage. You can use it to cover the corners around and between the countertop, install it on window ledges, and create a matching pattern.

Disadvantages of wallpaper

1. Durability of wallpaper

Repeated exposure to the head and humidity can make even the strongest adhesive to come loose, and your wallpaper may start coming off the backsplash. This often happens near the areas of stovetop and oven. You can repair peeling wallpaper with waterproof epoxy glue.

2. Cleaning wallpapered kitchen backsplash

Cleaning of the wallpapered kitchen backsplash is a tough process. Even some scrub able wallpapers may not withstand the use of harsh cleaner. Regular use of cleaner may peel or fade your wallpaper. If you have an extra yard of the wallpaper, then you have an option to replace the stripes as required. You can also apply the new stripes over the damaged ones. It is advisable that you prevent spots and stains from forming on your kitchen backsplash. To prevent from peeling off the adhesive it is best to wipe the backsplash behind the sink area. You can also prevent the backsplash behind the stove-top area, by cooking your food in utensils that come with lids covering.

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