Impress your guests with these table setting ideas

table setting

Dinner with friends and family is always a fun affair, with lots of good food and interesting conversation. Next time when you are having dinner together and hosting the big day, you can impress your guests with some beautiful table setting ideas, and turn the feast day into an extra special occasion. Just let your creativity flow and you can amaze your guests with unique and elegant table setting which they will appreciate and you can bask in the compliments you receive. Here are some tips for impressive table setting:

Menu favors

Ideas for setting your dining table can be very simple, artistic and pretty. You can easily arrange the necessary materials required to add the special element, such as this menu card option. Write down the menu on a piece of parchment paper with metallic silver ink, and pin it to a paper bag containing chocolates. You’d be giving your guests a taste of what’s to come and at the same time you’ll make your table beautiful. 

Fairy tale magic

Treat your guests to a tiny bottle of their favourite cocktail and present it on an exquisite mirrored tile as unique place cards. You can decorate it with small butterflies to give it a fairy tale look. Dining table setting ideas like these are suited for those occasions when you are having an all girl luncheon or dinner.

Make everyone feel like a VIP

The point of making all the extra effort for your guests is to make them feel important and wanted. One of the tips for impressive table setting which does just that, is to give every guest their own decoration – maybe a small vase  of flowers which can be pushed to the table’s centre at dinnertime. 

Glam napkins

One of the easiest yet most elegant ideas for setting your dining table, is to style the napkins with glam napkin rings, which would reflect the light of the candles and chandeliers. You can make your own napkin rings, cut out small pieces from felt, and stick gem tape on them. Inexpensive and effective! 

Add some drama

table setting

If you have a rough rustic dining table, you can set off its beauty by decorating in black and white and placing some dramatic centrepieces on it. A chic, yet simple idea which would surely impress your guests.

Glitzy glamour

Nothing spells party like glitzy and glamorous décor. Add some shiny baubles (diamante or pretty beaded decorations) to the table by tying them to organza bags that are filled with some lovely gift for your guests. Place the name cards in silver holders and complete the gorgeous look with beautiful white linen tablecloth and silver sequins. This is one of those dining table setting ideas which is sure to awe your guests.

Rustic chic

The rustic theme is in these days. You can whip up some rustic charm for your dinner. Use mason jars as vases for your flowers and a drop cloth with rugged edges as a tablecloth for instant rustic chic.

Put scrabble on the table

Use scrabble tiles to spell your guests’ names and watch your guests have fun as they try to make words out of the letters they have.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers in colors like gold and brass will impart a classy feel. Colours like crimson, purple and black will create a modern appeal for your table.

There are numerous ideas to create impressive table settings. Your table can be your style statement and also reflect the mood of the meal. It will make your guests feel special when they see the effort you put in for them.

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