Amazing Rustic Summer Kitchen Designs

Summer is a time when you really want to remain fresh and calm throughout the day and since most of the women spend their time in kitchen, the kitchen design should be cool and attractive. Here are some amazing earthy kitchen designs that would allure you to spend quality time in the kitchen, cooking your favorite dishes and chatting with your loved ones. Have a look.

Cristi Summer Kitchen

Cristi’s Summer Kitchen:

Want to have that pleasant and heart filling outdoor cooking experience; here we are with one of the most attractive kitchen designs ever. Visual Harmony is a small size but extremely functional kitchen design, which is attractive too. The design is inclusive of a workbench roaster and wooden grill, each measuring 85×50 cm, and an oven to bake breads and pizza. It has a considerable storage area, which you can use to store various kitchen gadgets and appliances.

Carolina Rustic Kitchen

Carolina’s Rustic Kitchen:

This is an extremely earthy kitchen design, which is colored purple. This purple kitchen has a sink space accompanied with a green door, black hinges, a large cooktop, along with a wooden stove and barbeque facilities. It is perfect for those who want to cook their dishes with the alluring taste of traditional oven.

Pascas Summer Kitchen

Pasca’s Summer Kitchen:

This incredibly designed kitchen is a perfect combination of a conventional and modern design, which makes it different from others. The kitchen includes a brick patio at the entrance, a big refrigerator, large sink area, conventional wooden stove, icemaker and brick bar. The colorful lighting gives it a contemporary feel, making it highly appealing.

Transylvania Castle Outdoor Kitchen

Transylvania Castle Outdoor Kitchen:

This amazing kitchen is located in Transylvania, Romania and is made out of wood, brick and carved stones. The kitchen is decorated using wrought iron and includes a barbecue, worktop, traditional wood stove, oven and sink.

White Summer Kitchen

White Summer Kitchen:

White has always been one of the favorite colors, especially when it comes to decorate a house. This kitchen is the place where tradition joins hands with modernity. You will definitely enjoy cooking inside this small yet productive kitchen at your backyard.

Anamaria Summer Kitchen

Anamaria’s Summer Kitchen:

Featuring a sink table, worktop, gas hob, grill brick and a console area table, this kitchen is perfect for those in search of relaxation, while enjoying their favorite barbecue dishes with fresh beer.


All these kitchen designs are perfect for summers and will let you spend some valuable time with your loved ones while having some real mouth watering food.

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