Ways to make your Corridor Kitchen a successful style

Corridor kitchen is also called the gallery kitchen, and is a design wherein the kitchen counters are placed on parallel walls and one of the sides is open. Many people with big houses and apartments do not like this style of kitchen, as they find it to be small and messy. However, if you own a small house or an apartment then corridor style of kitchen is ideal for you as it works well in a small place.

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To make your gallery kitchen look good and efficient, you have to store appliances in a way that they are easily accessible, and you have to plan the work zones meticulously so that the kitchen does not become messy. Besides careful planning and the way you store appliances in the corridor kitchen, following are some other factors if you consider can make your corridor kitchen as successful as any other kitchen style.

Create a layout that is high in functionality

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Although every kitchen style is based on the Kitchen Work Triangle, but a corridor kitchen has to be in strict accordance with this style so that the narrow corridor like path in the middle does not create a difficulty. The best way to make a corridor kitchen successful in terms of the layout is to spread larger appliances on the opposite sides and provide a larger space for food preparation. Doing this gives the narrow corridor kitchen a good space and it does not look messy.

Good Lighting

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If you arrange for enough of natural light inside your corridor kitchen, or you use proper artificial lighting in the kitchen, it will make your otherwise small kitchen look as airy and spacious as possible. While laying out the kitchen, try to install a big window over the sink so that enough of natural light comes in during daytime. If there is no space to install a window, then take help of clever lighting pattern that lights up the work area, cabinets, floor and the ceiling. Darkness makes the small space look even smaller.

Light Colors

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No matter how much you are in love with bright colors; choose light colors for cabinets and walls of the corridor kitchen because light colors give an illusion of being a big place to a small place. On the other hand, dark colors will make the already small kitchen look even smaller.


Many people think that a corridor kitchen is hard to handle because it looks messy because of its small space. However, this is untrue, as there are several ways that can help you keep your corridor kitchen clutter free.

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