Understanding the cost of an industrial painting service

If you ever have to hire an industrial painting service to paint your commercial premises then it helps if you understand what you are being charged for. It can seem as though the quotes you receive are very high, if you compare them to the costs associated with domestic painting. This is not a comparison you can really make as there is a world of difference between the two areas of painting.

Commercial painting specialists like Kaloutas Painting have the specific knowledge, experience and licensing required to ensure that any commercial painting job is completed to a high level of quality. As you would expect, you need to pay a competitive rate to get this level of expertise. It helps to understand exactly what you are paying for when you hire an industrial painting service.

Why some bids may be considerably lower than others

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If you are looking to hire an industrial painting service then you will probably ask for quotes for the work you need completing. It may be that you receive one or two quotes that seem to be much lower than the rest, and very tempting. It’s worth remembering that many small painting companies provide quotes for large commercial jobs; this does not mean that they have the experience or knowledge to complete the job to the standard you require. You should never just be drawn in by a low price; you need to consider the overall picture.

The benefit of a professional color consultation

If your commercial premises are open to the public the color you choose for your paintwork can be extremely important in forming their perception of you as a business. Industrial painting specialists have experience of completing a myriad of commercial painting projects and many of them will offer you a color consultation during which they will offer you the benefit of their expertise in helping you to decide on the color scheme for your paintwork.

Professional and thorough contracts

If you deal with a professional industrial painter you will notice that any quotes and contracts they provide are extremely thorough. You will be provided with exact details of the work that needs to be completed and the materials that need to be purchased. Depending on the size of the job, you may find that any contract which is drawn up is several pages long. This thorough and professional approach forms a large part of what you are paying for.

Licensing and insurance

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It may surprise you to know that there are painters around who operate with no license or insurance. Imagine what would happen if there was an incident on your premises and this was the case. Reputable professional commercial painters pay large amounts of money to ensure they are licenses and insured which means that you have complete peace of mind.

High quality products

A significant part of the price you pay for a commercial paint job is the cost of the products used. As you might expect, the best industrial painters use the best products. This means that you are expected to pay the higher prices that these products attract. A reputable contractor will always be able to prove exactly what paint they are using so you should ask for confirmation if you have any doubts. The benefit you get is that using high quality paint results in a top quality paint job and a high level of durability.

You may think that some of the quotes you get for commercial painting work are high, but when you look at what is involved you can see that it’s all about the quality of what you are paying for. If you want to hire an experienced professional, who will provide excellent results, then you need to be prepared to pay a reasonable price.

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