Tips and tricks for painting your plastic laminate kitchen countertops

Many people are interested in painting their plastic laminate kitchen countertops. However, they are unsure of the right way to go about it. For all such individuals who are interested in giving a fresh look to their old plastic laminate countertops, Here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members on the way they should prepare for it and then start the process correctly.

Cleaning the countertops

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Any of your kitchen countertops requiring painting need to be cleaned and cleared first. Usually, your plastic laminate countertops are greasy and grimy after a long use. Thus, the dirt must be removed thoroughly so fresh paint can stick to it properly. Use a scouring pad to do your cleaning work.

Fill the damaged spots


After years of use, plastic laminate kitchen countertops get some wear and tear. You can see a couple of damaged spots on them. It is critical that you fill these spots before starting to paint them. It is an important part of your preparation. Use an auto body filler to correct the damaged areas and leave the filler for some time. It will make it harder and your countertop ready for paintwork.

Sand the surface

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Sand the spots to clear any filler flush and the rest of the countertop to remove gloss. Make sure to sand the surface lightly. You should use a damp cloth to clean the surface and remove sanding dust by wiping it down.

Choose the right paint and tools


While you can get several types of paints for this purpose, it is necessary to choose the one that can give you best results. Thus, go for a kit that can help to create a faux finish, which appears to be like that of granite. You will easily get these faux granite painting kits. Get the black primer, as well as a basic foam brush and foam roller that is narrow in size.

Apply colors with a sponge

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After you do an initial coat of primer, you can start applying the selected colors. If you use a piece of sponge to apply these colors, then you can get an effect like that of granite. You can be creative in applying colors to achieve specific looks you want. While the application is random, try rotating your sponge a few times. You can also add diagonal lines to your pattern. It will show the veins that granite also holds.

Never forget the sealer

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After your paint dries, do not forget to apply multiple coast of sealer on the countertop. It offers gloss and protection to the finish.

While it is possible to paint your plastic laminate kitchen countertops at home, it is essential that you pick the right painting kit and work on a damage-free and clean surface with the right tools.

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