Tropical kitchens

The tropics are the region where you can get to see all sunlight the whole day, coupled with streaks of cloud here and there. Does not that sound lovely??Well, here’s the thing. This season, you can get to have that same look, the same feel of a whiff of cloud passing through your home, a sunny sunshine to your day as you start it, or the wafting smell of fruits, all inside your kitchen.

This is not an illusion, it is actually possible, and so have people been doing it quite a lot, in order to impart a jolly and cheerful look to their kitchen. This trend has been increasing as moiré and more people get to understand how soothing such a look can be and how refreshing it can make the rest of your day. It just seems to make your espresso just that much perfect.


The look can be imparted onto the walls, using color combinations and other shades and tones and hues which do impart the look of a tropical forest with sun seeping in through the rows of leaves that are everywhere.

Se colors such as light brown or beige in order to look the part of the trees of the forest all hugging against each other. If this is not to your liking, you can very well opt for something a little more joyful such as light shades of green touched up with different patterns, or just a combination look of light banana green and white alternate patches.

Apart from using colors, there are other ways of doing what you have in mind. You could use other accessories around the kitchen in order to deliver the look of a modern tropical forest or something like that. You can place flowers in key positions and plants around the area in order to give a fresh and welcoming look to the entire setting.


You could also place a bowl of fruits on the kitchen table or the dining table, whichever you want. Sure, fruits are much more Caribbean, but then again, so are they tropical.

You could also use a full white concept look in order to create an impact in the minds of whoever sees it.

Tropics are usually associated with bright and full color schemes. If you do get something in mind other than these already mentioned, go for them. You are only limited by your imagination.

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