Country Kitchen Ideas

A Panoramic View

The country kitchen is of course a big kitchen where more than one person can stand without discomfort and you may have a kitchen like the one you see in the picture. In the above kitchen you see that the wood panels have given the kitchen a nice finish. Plenty of drawers, in the above kitchen, are very good arrangement for you to adore. And not to mention the island in the middle is a work of art and you know it’s a special inclusion in a kitchen. The window near to the sink; is welcomed as it provides some fresh air and reduce any bad smell in the above kitchen. A few cabinets that you see in the above kitchen have glass panels to show china mugs, pots etc.

A Remodeled Kitchen

The Kitchen is remodeled from a Center Hall Colonial from late 1800’s and a few additions are added to get the present kitchen you are witnessing. The kitchen has a rustic look and feel. Now you see the floor is made of old bricks from France, it shows the variation in the kitchen and gives the warmth the kitchen requires. The design in which the floor is laid out is wonderful for your eyes and has a cooling effect. Then when you come to the Range, you get that fireplace feel of an old kitchen before the invention of ovens. Luckily, for your convenience there is a 48 inch Wolf range oven. Then you may notice that the island has a 36 inch oven, 2 dishwashers and two sinks. The island has two refrigerated drawers and a wolf microwave drawer apart from a main fridge near the corner for your surprise.

Dinning Table With A Difference.

The kitchen of course should have a dining room and when you know it’s a country kitchen it’s not unusual to expect variability. You will be enthralled to see the wooden dining table so comfortably paired with chicken wire chairs. You may also find an open weave side chair to add to the asymmetry. To make the chairs soft a floral cushion is used so that you’re too-shy won’t get hurt. A beautiful vase can be the center stage of your dining table. My goodness! You see those light fixtures up there; they are glass cloches made to light fixtures by attaching light sockets for the purpose. Dinner is of course served in this kitchen you needn’t doubt.

Bar Area Well Defined

Bar area in a country house is a necessity and this one you are viewing is of great importance. The background has hexagonal tiles handmade and hand glazed and so you know they are not perfectly flat. The color of the tile is showing a gradation of blue to green reminding of leaves and the ocean. The bar counter is patinated bronze and adds to the beauty of the tiles in the background. The glass shelves allow the bartender to arrange the glass wares in an order.

Sinks Are So Special

The sink has two faucets as you see and near a window for the gush of fresh air. The faucets are made of English bronze and one faucet is for filtered water. The counter top is Pietra Cardoza granite and on one side of the sink it’s scored to act as a drain board. Those two custom tin and antique mirror pendants you see hanging from above is a piece of work by Robert ogen.

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