Tips For Designing French Château-Inspired Kitchen

French Château-Inspired Kitchen

French Château designs are spectacular for the noble beauty that it exudes, which is similar to that of a manor house or country house. There is an increasing trend today to design houses, especially kitchens, in the elegant French chateau style. Most of the people want to remodel their old-fashioned kitchens to offer it a classic feel by integrating French Château elements.

This article is intended to sketch some tips to design your kitchen following the French chateau style. Beautiful old world feel can be recreated with the help of a little bit of creativity and imagination.

Even though the home is not designed according to the French chateau fashion, you can remodel only your kitchen inspired by the 19th-century French chateaus. Grand kitchen islands can be adorned with fine artistic elements, which ooze the charm and ambience of French Old World.

A Kitchen Reminiscent of a French Chateau

Kitchens, which are truly the heart and hub of the home, can be transformed into masterpieces. And the best way to do it is to adopt the French chateau design styles.

A French Country Kitchen décor can be recreated with the help of some graceful traditional elements; for instance, framed pictures, desiccated herbs, bird cages, old keys etc. Kitchen islands with cast iron legs will help in adding a French chateau touch to the kitchen.

French Old World Kitchen Style

Kitchen cabinets can be painted in the glum green shade to recreate the old French countryside charm. It also adds some color to the kitchen. Crusty finish and matching granite will give a complete classic look. Cabinets should not look ultra modern to go well with the total ambience.

Hand-painted tiles can be used on the wall behind the stove to retain the classic look. Since tiles are easy to clean and maintain, it can be aptly used behind the stove. The location of sink can be decided according to convenience.

Long kitchen islands can be artistically made interesting by breaking it by placing winding bookcases at each end. A few stools can be placed to make the kitchen a common meeting place for the family members. An elegantly designed window seat is another way to make your kitchen a meeting place for your family members.

A cherry wood pull-out table will serve the great purpose adding extra work space along with enhancing the French chateau look. Ample storage spaces that will not spoil the overall countryside look should be created. The need for additional storage space can be fulfilled by incorporating a separate butler’s pantry located just off the kitchen. This space should be tastefully designed to accommodate all those that the kitchen proper cannot.

French Château-Inspired Kitchen

Glass doors, brass towel racks and barrel arched ceiling can enhance the old world look considerably. Huge arched windows can further embellish the beauty of this kind of kitchens besides flooding the space with sufficient natural light. Ornamental chandelier fittings can be placed above the Kitchen Island and sink to further enhance the ambiance.

Flattened zinc watering cans can be ideally placed as wall display items. Everyday objects can become a part of kitchen décor, if they are tastefully selected. A farm table can take the pride of place in the kitchen and a fireplace behind will intensify the splendor.

Good functionality and efficient layout have to be incorporated into the design to make the kitchen highly efficient. In addition all the appliances and crockery should be selected in view to enhance the kitchen’s design aesthetic.

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