Trending Neon Light Decoration for Kitchen and More


Neon lights and decoration is the new trendsetter in the home decoration. A perfect light can make your room or break the charm of the room, be it your kitchen, your dining room, or something like your bathroom Walk-in Showers, etc. Neon lights are trendy, fun and give a different feel to your space. Whether you want to add neon lightings, signboard, or incorporate it with a different style, the options are endless. So the time has come to decorate your home with some of these interesting and attractive neon lights.

1. Drawing Attention

Why not add neon lights in your kitchen and classic bar to draw attention to space. Add some entertaining vibe right into your kitchen and kitchen table bar or the bar counters. How about eating in some fun the glow lights with some neon light. Make the place colorful by spice up your dining area with some bright and lively neon signs. Add some funny words for food or some fun words about the particular food menus of the days as well. Add some pink neon lights which work well with the rosy or brown table design.  It would add much more detail to your kitchen décor.

2. Unexpected Art

To start with, include neon lights within the kitchen; it’s the perfect area of your home to place an attractive neon sign in it. The kitchen needs a quick to revamp and this can give a break from boring and dull decoration and lightings. It instantly changes the overlook appearance and creates an unusual appearance and instantly becomes the focus. It is an excellent way to add an edgy touch to create some fun element in the home. Choose some classic and bold sign and font for making it more attractive and appealing. Also add some daring word, a fun phrase, statement or simple Welcome sign to give a warm treat to your guest. After all, your home too needs a bold statement in its appearance.

3. Pop of Color

How about a black wall in your space? Many people do not like the idea of a black wall but black is always classy, elegant and trendy. The idea is to enhance and shift your focus on the neon lightings on your wall. Keeping black in the background will surely do your job in a perfect way as it can enhance the look of the neon lights on it. For this, you don’t need to paint all the walls with black, focus on one wall where you will like to use those neon lighting or signboards.

Colorful lights
Colorful lights

Now choose perfect neon lightings of your choice. For this, you can use hanging lamps in neon colors or decorative lightings which goes with the mood of the room. The best part of this design is gelled well with any color neon lightings and go perfectly with a dark background.  If you want, you can use a specific sign or saying to highlight your bedroom. A perfect message for your partner or a saying can be displayed which lightens your mood every time you enter your room.

4. White on white

White on white décor is the latest decoration ideas for those of you have a small room. As you include neon lights in white walls, it perfectly gives you the feel of larger space making the space brighter and deal. Bright colored walls when paired white neon lights; it gives a perfect combination and enhances your room décor. For making it more impactful, use neon lights and sign pairing with white furniture which gives a solid look and simply goes with it. The bright light works well with light colored furniture and background. Keep in mind to keep the décor simple, elegant for a moderate and sleek look. The white neon lightings should go with the flow and stands out all the time with perfect balance.

5. Neon string lights as a decoration

Creating a beautiful décor with the neon string lights is the latest design. The best way you can give your space a decoration with just simple lightings. Focus on any corner or furniture like artificial flowers vase, bookshelf or at the windows. With the use of neon string lights, you can decorate this area by beautifully and smartly arranging the string lights on it. Just select one corner for decorating these small lights, as the neon lights give a bright effect. Do not keep it or display it at more than one point which makes the focus shifts at different places, it should be the center point for your space which you are going to highlight for a striking look.

6. A Piece of Unexpected Art

Why not make use of neon lighting or signboards as a decorative and artistic decoration at your place? Using neon lights to create a perfect wall art which adds surprising and unexpected elements to your decor. It’s something very different and nontraditional and at the same time gives your place a fun element. Make an attractive design or any symbol with the help of neon lightings. If you can’t find any, you can always check Facebook for inspiration. You can also create a cloud, trees or a sign with the neon lights. If you have kids at home, give a funny or cartoon characters sign like Pokémon, a smiley to make their day. It’s always fun to watch this type of art in the house which instantly grabs the attention of the outsiders.


7. Unique color pop

Add color and more color into your room. Pop of color goes well with neutral room and theme of the surroundings. Some bold sign made in neon hues that make sense in terms of what you are trying to create and convey. Neon lights add a texture which simply works in any kind of room giving a most promising and different look.  To make the space brighter, pair the room with numerous lighting equipment. For adding more colors to space, just pick many bright colors neon lights to enhance and add texture to your room which simply works for every space.

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