Storage space is a larger than life problem for people not living in sprawling mansions and making do with studio apartments and lofts. After creating space for the essentials there is normally not much space left over to add condiments and luxury items. So, more often than not, one has to compromise and sacrifice on the large screen TV or the three door fridge or the super comfortable and stylish sofa. It is quite obvious that the bedroom, the bathroom or the living room cannot be compressed and settled with. There are however some novel ideas that have recently been developed by some clever interior decorators with respect to the kitchen area.



Instead of using cabinets that go on forever and occupy a space on the walls greater than the floor area itself, one can use a tall, rotating kitchen cupboard with shelves on all sides. This way the walls are free for other uses. This also serves the purpose of separating the kitchen area from the dining area without the need to create an obstructing wall. A separating cupboard keeps the room airy and open. So the small kitchen can be turned into two rooms with some artistic élan.


Every perception stems from the mind. So another option of seemingly creating space is to use light color and avoid darker shades. Lighter colour reflects more light and does away with the shadows. This makes it seem that the room is larger than it actually is. The oldest trick in the book is to hang up a mirror on the wall behind the sink. While this idea seems quirky and downright weird, if this can be tastefully done, you will have one the most fashionable kitchens in the neighbourhood. The mirror reflects images giving the space an extended feel.

It is never a bad idea to eat outside. This time you need not put on your best dress and go to the four seasons. You can simply shift your dining table to your balcony (if one is available). This frees up more space for your kitchen and gives your dining a more special touch by utilising the city lights.

While separating rooms with walls is an idea, keeping an open floor plan is a better idea. Let the wall colour do the work as they change from room to room all the while keeping the same floor pattern.

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