Kitchen Backsplashes – The Coolest of all Kitchen Upgrades!

Reason for Selection

It is often the case, that people are not adequately satisfied by the modular kitchen that they built ten or fifteen years ago. Newer trends have flooded the market in the intervening time and the cabinets or the tiles that had been fitted are now obsolete, back-dated and plain and simple boring. In this situation, the best thing to do would be to buy upgrades as demolishing an entire kitchen would be tantamount to murder in today’s day and age. Upgrades are additional fitting that make the room look new and fresh in spite of it being the same old, same old.


What are Backsplashes

Newer upgrades could be new lights, new wall hangings or a new paint job but all of these are short term, quick fix solutions that would have its charm worn off in about a year. A more permanent solution would be to add backsplashes. Now, what are back splashes? These are tiles made of marble, metal or paper that are plastered on the wall sections that are left as sunken pockets as the rest of the wall has been taken up by cabinets, shelves and racks. Such sections are normally found behind the sink, behind the chimney or behind the stove. It can also be a section of the wall between two cabinets.

What kind to Select

Now, one might think that the backsplashes that have been talked about can only be fitted in kitchens that are big enough to have the aforementioned places on its walls. But that is never the case as small kitchens too can have backsplashes. The main point of a backsplash in a small kitchen is to highlight and personify each and every aspect and constituent of a kitchen and not simply to emphasize the floor area of the living room sized kitchen.

Even though it is not a point to worry about, people may think the size of the kitchen gives greater happiness to the family. For them, a glass or reflective backsplash is advised as it imparts the illusion a kitchen being greater than it actually is. One may also install backsplashes of tin and other metals giving the kitchen a golden and bronze like hue. For those that have opted for a sleek kitchen rather than a rustic kitchen, a metal with a high sheen as a backsplash is a must have. If on the other hand, a rustic kitchen is chosen, darker and smoky shades ought to be chosen.

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