Five Sustainable Kitchen and Bathroom Products

Sustainable Kitchen and Bathroom Products

When it comes to the products in our household, the kitchen and bathroom are where you find some of the least environmentally-products. If you are worried about your impact on the planet and want to make your home more sustainable, the kitchen and bathroom are a great place to start. You can’t change the whole world yourself, but you can change your choices, habits, and purchase. Are you trying to decrease your carbon footprint and the overall impact you have on the planet? Below are five sustainable kitchen and bathroom products to help you gain peace of mind and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Bamboo Brushes

Whether you need a new brush for your hair, your makeup, or the dishes, you should think about buying abamboo brush. These brushes are often an alternative to plastic and last much longer than your average product. They are much more sustainable because they use bamboo, a plant that uses little water and can be grown more quickly than a lot of other trees. Instead of buying plastic brushes, look for a bamboo option that can get the job done and last a lot longer than the other choices.

2. Smart Refrigerator

Smart RefrigeratorA smart refrigerator is a great product to look into when you are going to buy a new fridge. This appliance saves energy and, therefore, the amount of money you are paying every month for power bills. Some of the smart fridges even keep track of how much of a specific product you are using. A smart fridge can help you save food and even make a list for the grocery store. Energy and food waste are huge problems for the environment. Try your best to lower your impact by investing in a smart fridge. It may not be cheap at first but over time it will save you money and lessen your impact on the planet.

3. Reusable Makeup Removers

Cotton makeup removers are wasteful. They get thrown away as they’re used. You might not think about how much this adds up, but if you take off makeup or clean your face with one of these products the impact can be large. Instead of using the wasteful makeup rounds that you throw away, buy reusable cotton rounds. These rounds can be washed and used again, avoiding the waste of traditional cotton makeup balls. They can also be made out of materials like bamboo and are at once soft and durable. Next time you go to remove your makeup, think about this and switch to reusable rounds.

4. Bamboo Paper Products

Bamboo Paper ProductsWhether it’s paper towels or toilet paper, these products can be purchased in bamboo varieties. Not only is bamboo stronger, it is more sustainable. You will use less of the product and they will be less damaging to the environment because bamboo is sustainable and uses much less water than other trees. The trees that we need to take in carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen will live on another day, helping the planet combat climate change. Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and tissues are all pretty wasteful. Think about switching to bamboo.

5. Glass & Bamboo Utensils

Finally, bamboo can be made into just about any kitchen utensil. Plastic cutlery can be replaced by sturdy bamboo cutlery. Bowls and plates can be made out of bamboo. Stop using paper plates for a party. Use a bamboo alternative that is better for the planet. Instead of using plastic containers to store leftovers,choose glass. Whatever the product, if you are using paper or plastic there is usually a better option for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly household.

If we’re talking about sustainability, the bathroom and kitchen are areas of the house that can be improved. If you care about the environment and the future of humans on this planet, you should think deeply about every choice you make when purchasing these products. If you are still using wasteful plastic and paper options, it might be time to switch it up. Not only will you be able to save money because many of these options are more sustainable financially, they will be more sustainable environmentally. If you want to make a change and lessen your impact on the world, think about switching over to these sustainable products.

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