Is Solar Energy, Florida, Worth the Cost?

Is Solar Energy, Florida, Worth the Cost

Florida isn’t called the sunshine state for no reason! Many people are taking advantage of the sun for their energy needs. Solar energy has been around for years but has improved dramatically as technology has improved.

More homeowners are seeing the energy and financial benefits of their solar energy Florida homes. Solar energy is more than a trendy fad. It has become a legitimate way to power your home and save money.

Solar Energy Florida Benefits

Florida has some special incentives that make solar even more attractive to homeowners. Homeowners are discovering the financial and power benefits of solar for themselves.

1. Net Metering

Solar panel installation includes a net meter that monitors the power flowing in and out of the household. When the house has an overproduction of power, it is sent into the power grid. The utility company purchases this power.

You receive a credit for any power you may need from the utility company. The net meter has the ability to draw power from the grid when the solar power is used up. This power is free when you have a credit from the utility company.

If there is any leftover credit at the end of the year, the power company reimburses you for it.

2. Tax Benefits

calculating-taxFlorida also has some generous tax incentives for solar power improvements. When you purchase a solar power system, there is no sales tax on it! The other benefit comes from your property taxes.

Florida does not increase your property taxes with the addition of a solar energy system. Your house will increase in value with a solar system but Florida won’t add that increase to your taxes.

Florida residents can also claim the federal solar tax credit. They can claim 26% of the cost of their solar system toward their federal taxes. This will decrease in 2023 to 23%.

3. Permitting Processes

Many Florida cities and counties have made the permit process much easier for solar installation. In fact, many solar installation companies navigate this process for you.

Blue Raven Solar is an example of a solar company that walks through the permitting process for you. 

Solar Technology Improvements

technology for solar energyThe technology for solar energy has increased significantly and homeowners are receiving the benefit. Solar panels now have guarantees from 25-30 years and many panels could last up to 50 years!

Many of the panels guarantee a 90% production capacity after 10 years and an 80% production after 20 years! To keep your panels at peak performance, they recommend cleaning them twice a year.

Solar cells now have microinverter technology behind them. These microinverters can last up to 25 years. They also give panels the ability to generate power on shady days.

Your Sunshine State Benefits

This could be the time your solar energy Florida home becomes a reality. With the improved technologies and amazing tax benefits, this is the perfect time to go solar.

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